Tuesday, February 13th, 2024


Worcestershire County Cricket Club are delighted to announce Number Fifteen as our new Talent and Development partner. The partnership will see Number Fifteen collaborate with Worcestershire’s HR and commercial teams to deliver customer experience excellence and lead on the recruitment of senior commercial talent.

This new partnership brings together two businesses sharing a vision to change the way the market sees their respective businesses, by positively disrupting and innovating through value-add partnerships.

Number Fifteen has a very clear purpose; to change lives through creating opportunities for people to reach their career potential and businesses to succeed, a vision shared in the WCCC ‘Severn Way’, which ‘Enables Talent To Thrive’.

Joe Tromans, Head of Commercial & Partnerships at Worcestershire, highlighted the shared values that cemented the partnership: “Number Fifteen is a brand built on partnership, innovation and a passion and drive for success, values that perfectly align with Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

“We’re thrilled to welcome them as partners and excited by the projects we will be delivering to enhance our fans, and sponsors experience with the Club.”

Kelly and Jonathan White, Founders of Number Fifteen,  expressed their delight at the partnership, “Kelly has called Worcestershire her home for 40 years and WCCC has been an ever-present, and reassuring, presence in the City.  Jonathan is a huge fan of cricket so this partnership is a real dream for him.”

“Our passion is people. Business is all about people, no matter what industry, harnessing the power of people is key;  leadership, getting and retaining the right people, and a culture for success must be in place for a business to be successful.”

“There is a real “buzz” when you walk into New Road, a business where things are happening. You can feel the energy in the air. Things get done; right, quickly, with purpose. That’s the feel of a high performing business.”