Friday, December 19th, 2014

New Road – The Perfect Place To Tie The Knot In 2015

New Road – The Perfect Place To Tie The Knot In 2015

Worcestershire CCC will be the perfect venue to tie the knot in 2015 – and we can look after every detail of the happy occasion at New Road from cup cakes, cars and dresses through to the actual wedding ceremony and the reception.

We are holding a series of Wedding Showcases at our headquarters in the New Year – and there will even be live cooking demonstrations to highlight the quality of food that will be on offer should you decide to hold your wedding with us.

But here's where we are different to other venues because our hand-picked and first class business partners can look after your every needs should you so desire starting with the first Showcase which is being staged on January 25.

Everything from car hire to wedding dresses to make-up to men's grooming to jewellery can be catered for to take the stress out of your day to remember should you so desire.

And staging your day to remember at New Road will not cost you a penny in room hire if your wedding party consists of 50 or more guests – a saving of up to £2,000.

We are rightly proud of our facilities which have been greatly enhanced since the opening of The View 12 months ago.

And quite simply the views across New Road of the Cathedral and the Malverns are absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Worcestershire commercial director Jon Graham said: "In previous years we've done Wedding Fayres and Open Days and I believe we need to do something that is in between the two.

"With Wedding Fayres, you can be overloaded with people selling things from cup cakes to whatever it is. With Open Days, there is not a lot of focus, it is people just coming to look at the venue.

"I want to make the Wedding Showcase more of an experience. We need people to come and see the venue but also come and see what we can offer.

"There will be a live cooking demonstration so people can see the type of food we are capable of producing, can taste the food, can question the catering team.

"Then we will have 10 key partners. There will be car hire, wedding dresses, make-up, men's grooming, jewellery, all the things people get quite stressed about. It's all under one roof.

"We are not saying people will pick everyone of our business partners but at least it gives you a guide. There will be exclusive deals because it is a partnership between us and 10 other businesses."

Graham added: "The Showcases will give couples to be a really good idea of what the big day is going to look like and take a bit of the stress away from it.

"It is about taking the stress away. The first thing after popping the question is 'when are we getting married?' and 'where are we getting married?'

"People tend to think if they want a summer wedding it's going to have to be in 2016 but we've got dates in 2015.

"It is fair to say peeople might not think cricket club for a venue but once people are here and they see the views and the venue, they tend to fall in love with it as a venue because it is truly unique."

The intention is to host demonstration weddings if we are granted the civil licence which means we can stage wedding ceremonies at New Road.

Graham said: "We have put in for our civil licence so in 2015 all being well if people want to get married here and have the whole day here, they can.

"It just means we can have the registrar here, get married at the ground and have the whole shooting match here.

"If we get that, we've got a Wedding Showcase in February and March and we will be looking to have a demo wedding.

"Not only will people see the food cooked, taste the food, see the partners, the florists everyone, then they can come and see the bride and groom and we will actually show people what the day looks like.

"And, if the wedding party consists of more than 50 guests, then we won't charge room hire."