Monday, March 20th, 2017

New Captain: Everyone Will Be Encouraged To Express Their Opinion

New Captain: Everyone Will Be Encouraged To Express Their Opinion

New captain Joe Leach says everyone in the Worcestershire CCC dressing room will be encouraged to express their opinion.

Leach wants the squad to be open with each other and say what they think – however experienced or inexperienced they are as players.

The 26-year-old believes the closeness of the squad can give them an advantage out on the pitch if they are honest with their views between themselves in the privacy of the inner sanctum.

He said: "Will I encourage people to be open and express their views? That's exactly what I want. I think that's how good teams work. Everyone's ideas matter. Good, mature teams can say what they need to say and be honest.

"If people have an opinion, I want them to express it. They need to express it. We need to be honest with each other however experienced or inexperienced they are.

"I'm very laidback as a personality but I will say what I think as well. It might not always be the right thing but I will say what I think.

"That's what I want the lads to be – even if people don't like it at times, that's fine. It's professional sport. It's a high intensity, competitive environment."

Leach added: "We have got a dressing room that is close which is a massive advantage as long as we make sure we get the honesty right as well.

"As long as we do that, we are going to be an even better position compared to teams that aren't close.

"But it is very important we are honest with each other and, when we turn up for cricket, we are here to win games for Worcestershire regardless of what we do socially or how we get on.

"If we get it to click right, we could really take off and it could be your Manchester United story of those six lads coming through (the Class of 92) and being close but, when you listen to those people or read about them, they are very honest.

"I'd never compare Worcestershire to Manchester United but we can look at that, look at the way they did it, and look how honest they were with each other and how they drove each other on to get better.

"As long as we are doing that, and driving each other on to get better and to win games, that's fine. Friendships will stand up if they are good enough."