Tuesday, February 12th, 2019


During the winter months the Worcestershire CCC players and staff have been revealing who are their Sporting Heroes.

Here County First Team Coach Alex Gidman has highlighted a trio of sportsmen he has admiration for and looked to learn off in ex Australian captain Steve Waugh, tennis great Roger Federer and golfing legend Tiger Woods.

Gidman said: “Steve Waugh had a huge impact. I read all of his captain’s diaries and I loved watching him go about his business.

“It was just the way he carried himself so he would have been my cricketing hero so to speak.

“I was also a huge fan of Roger Federer – and still am.

“He has been an unbelievable sportsman and also Tiger Woods from a golfing point of view.

“They are guys who just prove the essence of hard work and preparation and practice and that willingness to constantly get better.

“Federer, we all wrote him off four or five years ago and now he is back up where he wants to be.

“Those would be the guys I would look to and try and learn off.”