Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Morris Follows Skipper Mitchell In Backing New 2016 ‘toss’ Regulation

Morris Follows Skipper Mitchell In Backing New 2016 ‘toss’ Regulation

Worcestershire paceman Charlie Morris has given a bowlers perspective of the new 'toss' rule in next summer's County Championship – and welcomes the change if it helps to make a "fairer playing field" for the contest between bat and ball.

The ECB has agreed a new regulation on a trial basis for 2016. In Division One and Two fixtures, the visiting captain will be offered the opportunity to bowl first.

If he declines, the toss will take place as normal. If he accepts, there will be no toss.

County opening batsman and skipper Daryl Mitchell has already backed the scheme after claiming there has been a deterioration in the standard of pitches and Morris is also in favour of the change.

He said: "I think it is good. It makes cricket across the counties even in all games because you could have a green seamer up north somewhere and then a flat track down south.

"To have even wickets across all the counties will hopefully improve the standard of cricket and make it a fairer playing field.

"I quite like a fair battle. I think it will promote good wickets. I know people have potentially spoken about them being flatter but I am in favour of that.

"Sometimes when you turn up on a green seamer, bowlers are under a bit more pressure at times because you are expected to do the job on that wicket and sometimes they can do a little bit too much.

"I enjoy personally bowling on good wickets. It doesn't necessarily mean it is really flat.

"I think it is going to be a good battle because, if the opposition have the option of bowling first, you are going to produce something which is hopefully going to give bowlers and batters a good run.

"I am in favour of it. It is a good trial and time will tell what the impact is.

"We've turned up at some grounds in the past and faced very green wickets and makes it really difficult if you lose the toss and are stuck in.

"You have to fight really hard and hopefully eliminating that from cricket will make the game better across the circuit and sides will have to play good cricket for a longer period to get the required results."

Morris added: "It is going to be better for England because Test wickets are flatter and there is a stark difference between turning up on a wicket which is slightly greener and a Test wicket.

"When players are trying to get onto that next stage, it is important to play on wickets which are going to help improve your skill for that step up.

"What is a good wicket? A good wicket has pace for the batter and if you bowl poorly, you can put your shot away and there is consistent pace. When wickets are two paced, it is difficult to play your shots on.

"But at the same time, it is important that there is a bit in there for the bowler in the right area, so there is a bit of nibble off the wicket and I'm sure there will be in England.

"You just want it to be a fair battle really."