Thursday, January 9th, 2020


The membership of the Worcestershire Cricket Society has reached a new high entering 2020.

Secretary Mike Hitchings reports that the Society now has 221 members.

This surpasses the previous best of 206 recorded at the Society’s AGM last May.

The WCS boasts the fourth highest membership of a Society in the entire country behind Sussex Cricket Society, Wombwell Cricket Lovers’ Society and Sheffield Cricket Lovers Society.

Mike Hitchings said: “For a variety of reasons, there is a turnover of members each year – although I’m glad to say those who have left have not done so because they are dissatisfied with the Society cricket evenings!

“But it does highlight the need for the Society committee to continue to drive forward in the pursuit of new members.

“We are always looking at ways of promoting the Society and getting across the point that we offer great value for money and a good evening’s entertainment with a variety of speakers.

“To have the fourth highest membership in the country, is very encouraging at a time when some societies, sad to say, are finding it a challenge to keep members and recruit.”