Monday, April 25th, 2016

Mb Insolvency Link Up With Worcs Ccc As Official Shirt Collar Sponsor For 2016

Mb Insolvency Link Up With Worcs Ccc As Official Shirt Collar Sponsor For 2016

Worcestershire CCC are delighted to announce that MB Insolvency have become the County's official shirt collar sponsor for the 2016 season.

The sponsorship further strengthens the partnership between the Club and MB Insolvency who have sponsored or supported Worcestershire CCC in some capacity for several years.

MB owner Mark Bowen is himself a staunch supporter of Worcestershire CCC stretching back nearly 30 years to the Ian Botham era at New Road.

The MB brand will be proudly worn on the shirt collar by the County's players in all formats of the game this summer and is a prime location to ensure TV and media exposure.

MB Insolvency exists to help people and businesses who find themselves in, or are facing, financial difficulty.

Mark Bowen has over 25 years experience in dealing with insolvency related matters.

Mark's career began with the Official Receiver in chambers and then he enjoyed many years working for Insolvency companies.

He established MB Insolvency in order to use his wide ranging experience to provide a quality solution driven service on a friendly sensible basis.

Mark is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner having acquired his licence in 1995. Mark is a member of The Insolvency Practitioners Association and The Association of Business Recovery Professionals.

MB Insolvency provides solutions for all stakeholders, and provide advice to people and companies that aims to provide the best possible solutions.

Mark Bowen said: "We are already big supporters of the club and are very happy to tie up the sponsorship deal. I am a Worcester boy and I have followed the club for years and have got a lot of friends there.

"I have been a fan there all the way back to the heady heights of Ian Botham. Like most people, I got into cricket as a result of the 'show' that was on back then.

"Historically I've done a bit of sponsorship in other fields, particularly football, but chose to switch the allegiance this year and focus a bit more on the cricket.

"Sponsoring the shirt collar is slightly quirky and it works and most pictures you will see of a cricketer have generally got the collar involved.

"It is not an opportunity you get in many sports and that profile factor is a big factor in it as well as it being another way to support the club. Hopefully it will work for me and the club.

"I've been doing bits of sponsorship with the club over a number of years, get on very well with Jon Graham (Worcestershire Commercial Director) and when he said this opportunity was there, I thought it was quite an exciting opportunity.

"Hopefully the partnership will carry on for a while. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't."

Jon Graham said: "We are delighted that MB Insolvency are our official shirt collar sponsors for this season.

"Mark Bowen, who owns MB Insolvency, is a supporter of the club. It started off a couple of years ago with a couple of advertising boards, then he has taken a corporate box for T20, done some additional work.

"Mark is a massive supporter of the club, he has got a fantastic business. When the opportunity came up to sponsor the shirt collar across all formats, we are really happy Mark committed to sponsoring the club for this year.

"Mark has seen the value year on year of doing more and now he has got the collar of the shirt, which is a real prime location for all the shots in the press and on TV where the brand will get national exposure.

"I'd like to think the relationship will pay dividends as we go into the season."