Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Mb Insolvency And Crown Domestic Appliances Sponsor Awards Night

Mb Insolvency And Crown Domestic Appliances Sponsor Awards Night

Two of Worcestershire CCC's main partners are sponsoring the end of season awards dinner evening being held in the Chestnut Marquee on Friday, September 23 (7.30pm).

The County's official collar sponsor for all competitions, MB Insolvency, are sponsoring the pre-dinner drinks reception.

And Crown Domestic Appliances, who have provided invaluable funding for projects such as a new heavy roller and the 150th Anniversary Gates, will be sponsoring the main awards evening.

It promises to be a night to remember for an event that has become one of the highlights of the Worcestershire CCC calendar.

After the dinner and formal presentation of the many awards, there will be the opportunity to dance the night away with quality music.

Players, sponsors and club officials will join forces but there is also the opportunity to purchase tickets at £35 a head – available from sales executive Paul Biggerstaff in The View.

Worcestershire General Manager Jon Graham said: "MB Insolvency have kindly said they will sponsor the drinks reception.

"Mark Bowen of MB Insolvency has got a fantastic business – and his business is the blueprint for us. He started with one ground board at New Road and now he is on the shirt collar for every format and again he is supporting the club for a really important night.

"It is a reflection of Mark as an individual and of his business. He is incredibly successful and MB are incredibly good at what they do and the club are incredibly lucky to have them on board.

"I'd like to think the partnership will go into next year because it does seem to work very well.

"When everyone comes and has a drink next Friday, it will be on Mark and he will be recognised for all the hard work he has put in and support he has given the club this year."

Graham added: "Crown Domestic Appliances are sponsoring the event. They bought the heavy roller for the club last year and sponsor the 150th Anniversary Gates on the main entrance to New Road.

"Their motivation is to invest in things at the club that they really need, whether it be a heavy roller or the gates.

"It is expenditure the club probably can't afford and probably wouldn't do without this type of funding.

"I'm hopeful there will be another project next year we can work together on because it is really important the club has this list of priorities we want to try and deliver against.

"With the finances, you are not able to do all of them but if there is an element we can get some support from, we know Crown Domestic Appliances have always been incredibly generous and been involved with the club for many years."

In terms of the awards night, Graham said: "For us, the end of season awards is a real good opportunity for the whole business to get together internally with all of our business partners.

"We are expecting 250-300 people. Going back three years, it was 100 people crammed into The View so it has developed over the years into something quite big.

"There have been some excellent performances on the field which should be recognised and anyone who comes along will have the chance to see those awards being handed out."