Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Matt Mason Reaction To Day Two Versus Notts At New Road

Matt Mason Reaction To Day Two Versus Notts At New Road

Worcestershire assistant coach-bowling coach Matt Mason gives his reaction to the second day's play in the LV = County Championship match with Nottinghamshire at New Road.

Question: How do you assess the day?

Matt Mason: " I think the whole day has been really tough. We feel like we let the game slip a little bit when we had them five or six down. I think the last five wickets got 200 plus runs.

"You are thinking essentially the lesser of the batsmen scored most of the runs and that is always disappointing because at one point we looked like we might get a lead especially after fighting back when they were 100-1.

"At one point we were looking down the barrel of a deficit. As it turned out, we ended up with a small deficit anyway. Again those second innings will come back to haunt us.

"We've lost three or four wickets when behind still so a disappointing day for all of us."

Question: There were 90 odd runs added after Chris Read was dropped?

Matt Mason: "That's the momentum we always talk about in cricket. If we had held those couple of catches, you could probably take 100 off their score comfortably and then you go into the second innings with a little bit of momentum and confidence.

"But as it turned out, we've gone out there with our batters under pressure yet again. Early wickets have been crucial and we are having to really fight to stay in this game."

Question: Joe Clarke is there again with another mature innings to his name?

Matt Mason: "Joe is a fantastic young cricketer and he is very lucky to have this opportunity that he's got at this club.

"For a young man to cme in and do so well in First Division cricket and learn his trade in this enviroment is a great learning curve.

"He is going to benefit from it massively and he has shown his class. I hope he has got a very long future here at Worcestershire.

"He has got all the attributes but he likes to score as well and I think that is always important. You must keep the scoreboard ticking overand he does do that well.

"He has got a good defence, he can ride out those tough periods but one thing Joe will do is keep scoring and that always gives us a chance."

Question: What would you feel is a minimum lead to bowl with?

Matt Mason: "I think we still need to get 200-250 in front to give ourselves a real chance. They've got a good batting line-up. We are still going to have to work hard for our wickets. It has not turned a huge amount.

"These two guys who are set (Clarke and Ross Whiteley) need to go on and get big scores to give us a real chance in this game."

Question: Joe Leach's 100th first class wicket and he needs one for 50 this season?

Matt Mason: "He has been awesome. I love Joe to bits. He is a terrific cricketer. He has matured and developed more than anyone else I can think of in the last couple of years and deserves all his success.

"I think he'll get more than 50 wickets. He'll comfortably get 60 plus wickets which would be a fantastic effort for him."

Question: All your three main pace bowlers are such willing workers?

Matt Mason: "Sometimes I feel for them. I watch them running in day after day playing all forms of cricket and credit to them for sticking it out.

"It is tough county cricket and fair play to them. They will sit back at the end of September and think they would have done a great job – and they would have done."

Question: Nice for Charlie Morris to have that burst of wickets?

Matt Mason: "Charlie has had some frustrations the last month or so. The wickets have dried up a bit but again it's not through lack of effort. He plays a vital role even if he is not getting the wickets.

"That's the great thing about that group of bowlers, they do work as a unit, and he is doing his job even when he doesn't pick up the poles but today he did and it was a nice little burst from him."

Question: Do you feel a little for Richard Oliver at the monent at the top of the innings?

Matt Mason: "It can be a very cruel game and I think Richard is finding out this division is tough and it's a big step up from where he has come from.

"I guess in some ways the honeymoon period is over and he is going to really have to knuckle down now and find out what it is to be a first class cricketer at this level.

"We all know he can do it, he's got first class hundreds so he can do it, but cricket is a terrible game at times and when you are down, you are really down.

"But he is only one knock away and hopefully that will be soon."