Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Match Preview: Worcestershire Women’s Rapids T20 West Midlands Cup Double Header

Worcestershire Women’s Rapids are set to compete in a thrilling double header tomorrow at Ramsey Cricket Club in Huntingdonshire. All-rounder Hannah Hardwick will captain the Rapids for the first time.

The team will first face Huntingdonshire at 1:30pm, followed by a match against Leicestershire at 4:30pm.

Coach Ryan D’Oliveira shared his thoughts ahead of the double header: “These games are a fantastic opportunity for our squad to showcase their talent and hard work.

“We have a balanced mix of experienced players and young talent, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform together.”

On the new captain, D’Oliveira added: “Hannah’s leadership qualities are exceptional. She’s not only a good thinker but also a motivating presence on the field.

“Her debut as captain comes at an exciting time for the team, and I believe she will lead by example and inspire her teammates.”

Women’s Rapids
Hannah Hardwick (c)
Georgina Lacey
Bryony Gillgrass
Imogen Hill
Liv Gough +
Millie Carr
Phoebe Bret
Jess Beach
Amy Maund
Flora Bertwistle
Charlotte Roberts
Lily Wood