Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Mason: The Importance Of Players “taking Charge Of Their Own Careers”

Mason: The Importance Of Players “taking Charge Of Their Own Careers”

Worcestershire assistant coach Matt Mason has stressed the importance of players "taking charge of their own careers" and of developing "self sufficient cricketers" at New Road.

Mason, who is also the County's bowling coach, says he got to the stage in his playing career as a paceman where "you almost don't need your coach" and he hopes the current squad will eventually follow the same path as they become more experienced.

The Australian believes it is crucial that players learn to deal themselves with any problems and challenges that are thrown up in the heat of the action out in the middle.

Mason said: "I want them to start taking charge of their own careers and their own performance and their own training so they don't have to be spoonfed by us coaches.

"They need to start understanding the game more themselves. They spend most of their time on the field without us and if we spoonfeed them too much, they will never think for themselves.

"We want thinking cricketers, self sufficient cricketers – and that is what we are trying to breed."

Mason, who played for Worcestershire for a decade, added: "At some point, you get to a level where you can say 'you almost don't need your coach'.

"I used to get that level definitely and so did Richo (Allan Richardson). That comes with experience.

"If you are out in the field and things go wrong, you've got to have that ability to 1) recognise it and 2) how do you fix it when you are under pressure.

"You can't just run off the field for an over and speak to your coach and expect him to have all the answers.

"The younger we can get these guys to think for themselves and drive their own training and set their own standards, and maintain that, then the better this place will be.

"I think that's where we are getting to with these young guys."