Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Mason Hails The Importance Of “unsung Heroes” Davies And Dewar

Mason Hails The Importance Of “unsung Heroes” Davies And Dewar

Assistant coach Matt Mason has hailed "unsung heroes" Ben Davies and Ross Dewar as key components in Worcestershire's 2014 success.

Club physiotherapist Davies and fitness and conditioning coach Dewar played major roles off the field with their work in ensuring players stayed fit enough to remain on the pitch.

All-rounder Gareth Andrew was the only major long term absentee with his fractured lumbar pedicle and he is now completely recovered and resumed bowling in the nets at Malvern College.

But Mason has also cited the importance of Davies and Dewar in the New Road dressing room in acting "like psychologists", having words of encouragement and helping lift spirits when required.

Mason, who is also the county's bowling coach, said: "Ben and Ross are without doubt our unsung heroes really especially in our last campaign because nothing can be achieved without the lads being on the field for as many games as possible.

"It is a massive credit to both of them that we only suffered one major injury all season, one to a fast bowler (Andrew) which can happen, and wasn't through any fault of theirs, that's for sure. It was just one of those things.

"They work tirelessly and a lot of the work goes unnoticed. It is not seen out there by the public, it's up here in the gym or in the physio room.

"They are not just a medical team. They act as all sorts for the lads, they are part of the dressing room and are like psychologists in a way.

"The guys can go in there and talk to them about just about anything. They are a very, very important part of the team.

"Having been through the stress of a long injury, the physio plays a crucial role because you go through some dark days when you are injured.

"But part of their role is to make you see light at the end of the tunnel and keep you motivated and keep you pushed to get back on the field as soon as you can."

Mason added: "They are both very different characters and bring very different things to the dressing room.

"Ross is very much a motivator, all fire and brimstone, and really gives the guys a shovel on when they need it, but very well educated in his field and his programmes I would say are the best going. He is a credit to us.

"Ben is a real character in the dressing room. He is a breath of fresh air. He keeps the lads going when they get down. He is the first one to crack a joke when people look a bit gloomy.

"He is also very knowledgeable in his area of physio and without them both, we'd certainly be weaker for it."

Davies and Dewar played a significant part in enabling pace duo Jack Shantry and Charlie Morris to play all 16 LV = County Championship matches in 2014, with them bowling nearly 500 overs.

Mason said: "It is a rare feat to say you've been able to do that to two very different players.

"Jack is much more senior so he needs looking after in a different way to Charlie.

"Our two guys (Davies and Dewar) are specific in their plans to cater for all the guys in that dressing room.

"It takes a lot of hard work and they do it very well."