Monday, December 14th, 2015

Mason: Bumpy Develops Coaches As Well As Players At New Road

Assistant Coach Matt Mason is relishing overseeing the playing staff at New Road during Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes' absence while on coaching duty with the England Lions.

Mason admits he hopes to follow a similar path in the future to the long serving Rhodes who is in the UAE for two spells with the Lions this winter.

The former paceman, who is also the County's bowling coach, is grateful for the knowledge passed on by Rhodes whom he says "develops coaches as well as players."

Mason said: "Am I enjoying my spell at the helm? I've planned the winter programme now for the second year running with Bumpy's blessing. It's great for Bump as well because he's got so much to do anyway.

"It frees him up a bit and gives him the confidence to go away and do these things with the Lions, which is a great thing for him, knowing that things are running smoothly back here.

"I must admit I like the challenge of this sort of thing. It's how I see my own career in coaching going. One day I'd like to be a head coach somewhere so it's good for me to experience this.

"The lads are great, they get on really well, they work hard and don't give us any cause for concern. I'm really enjoying it."

Mason says Rhodes has been supportive stretching back to his days as part of the New Road attack until he hung up his spikes four years ago.

He said: "Bumpy has been great because he doesn't just develop players here. He develops coaches as well and he has worked very hard in helping me to understand what it is I need to know to one day do what he does.

"Without that support, I'd be a little bit lost so he has been terrific for me just like he was when he was a player alongside me.

"I think Bumpy sees that as part of his role because he is not always going to be coaching forever.

"There are 10 years between us and it is just great the way he passes on his experience to me."

So would Mason one day like to fill the New Road hotseat? He said: "I'd love to do it. This club is me through and through and I don't ever imagine myself being anywhere else to be fair.

"At the moment, I'm alongside Bumpy trying to bring this club as much success as I can."