Friday, June 26th, 2015

Major Coup For Worcestershire Cricket As Luke Becomes Disability Cricket Ambassador

Major Coup For Worcestershire Cricket As Luke Becomes Disability Cricket Ambassador

Worcestershire Cricket have pulled off another major coup with Luke Sugg becoming their new Worcestershire Disability Cricket Ambassador.

Luke is one of the top players in the country and was recently the winner of the England Cricket Disability Cricketer Of The Year award.

He received his award at the same ceremony as when Joe Root was named England Cricketer Of The Year.

Luke's involvement with Worcestershire Cricket follows on from England Women's cricket star Katherine Brunt working with them in a coaching and ambassadorial role for several months during 2014.

Now Luke, whose father Pete is manager of the England Blind cricket team, will pass on his considerable knowledge to schools, clubs and community groups throughout the county while working with Worcestershire Cricket.

Worcestershire Cricket Participation Manager, Andy Wheeler, said: "It is fantastic to get Luke on board with Worcestershire cricket, one of the top disability cricketers in the country.

"We had Katherine Brunt last year from the England Women's team who came and did four months with us doing coaching in schools and various ambassador visits.

"Now we've got Luke, one of the biggest names in disability cricket in the country, working with Worcestershire Cricket.

“This will provide a great opportunity for Luke to make a real difference, by showing children just what they can achieve when they put their mind to it.

"It will vary what Luke does. We will send out the info about Luke being ambassador to schools, clubs and community groups.

"Subject to him being available, he will go along and do what the school, club, community group require. It might be a presentation evening, a coaching session, a talk at a school assembly.

"There will be various options, various activities but Luke is more than happy to get involved and do what he can."

Wheeler added: "So how did the link-up with Luke come about? I know Luke's father, who is manager of the England Blind team, and when I heard about Luke being given the England award, I sent a message to Pete asking to pass on my congratulations.

"Pete said on the back of that award, Luke was getting more and more requests from Worcestershire schools. He wasn't really sure which ones to take up and wanted a bit more of a co-ordinated approach.

"We had a meeting and through the conversation it came out that he would like to do more for Worcestershire cricket because this is his home.

"We (Worcestershire Cricket) are half-way through our first year of a three year development plan for Disability Cricket and it's a huge push for us and we are doing more and more with community groups and with schools.

"Through the conversations, it came about that Luke would like to do the ambassador role and go out and push disability cricket in Worcestershire schools, clubs and community groups."