Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Magoffin: County’s Ability To Fightback Is Crucial Factor For Division One

Steve Magoffin says “staying in the game for four days” is crucial in Division One of the County Championship – and it is a quality he believes Worcestershire have developed during the past two years.

The former Sussex paceman knows having the ability to recover from a unpromising position in a game – rather than paying the price for a bad session – is a vital component.

And Magoffin is confident the County have learnt to and demonstrated that they have acquired that important trait

He said: “Looking at the club, one thing that stood out last year with Worcestershire was winning games from difficult positions whereas four, five, six years ago they might not have come back from difficult positions.

“As someone playing for another club, that’s how we viewed Worcestershire at the time, that if we had one good session against, we can move on against them in the game.

“But in the last 12-18 months that’s the change the club have made with these younger players who are getting more experience.

“Those guys have worked out you’ve still got to find a way to stay in a four-day game thinking you might win it on the fourth day.

“Then you’ve got a chance of 1) having a couple of really good sessions to get yourself back into or 2) you just do enough to save the game at the end and move onto the next one.

“That is a really promising thing for Division One. Staying in the game for four days in Division One is a key to things really.”