Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Lord King Leads Tributes As Leatherdale Bows Out To Rapturous Applause

Lord King Leads Tributes As Leatherdale Bows Out To Rapturous Applause

Outgoing chief executive David Leatherdale received rapturous applause from members after Worcestershire president Lord King of Lothbury paid tribute to his contribution to the County at the Annual General Meeting.

Leatherdale bowed out after 31 years at New Road to take up the role of CEO with the Professional Cricketers' Assciation.

His last task was to preside over the AGM in the Graeme Hick Pavilion.

Lord King said: "David played for Worcestershire for more years than many of us have been around as members possibly, a very long period, and I remember watching the newspaper reports of Worcestershire when I was living abroad.

"I kept thinking 'who on earth is this chap Leatherdale, he seems to keep taking wickets, keep scoring, keep appearing for Worcestershire year after year after year.' Is it the same man, I wondered!

"It certainly was and all of us, in David's capacity as a player but also in a role first on the commercial side and more recently as chief executive, all owe an enormous debt to David.

"It is wonderful that someone who has been chief executive, started as a player, came up through the ranks as a player, moved into management and did such a wonderful job for us.

"David, we are going to miss you a very great deal but you've done two things for us which matter.

"One is you are staying in the world of cricket and going to an even more important job because the role of the PCA will in my view be central to the restructuring of cricket that takes place.

"Two, you've also helped us find Tom Scott (interim CEO) who has moved in to take over the management and I think there is no better job than you can do than say to say to us 'I am leaving but here's the man who will succeed me next week.'

"We are very grateful to you and thank you for everything you've done for Worcestershire Cricket Club."

Chairman Stephen Taylor said: "I'd like to say thanks Davd for giving me the worst Christmas card I've ever had! I thought it was a Christmas card but actually it was his notice.

"I'd like to say thank you to him. He has added a massive amount to this club from the commercial side.

"I wish him all the best in his future job. "I think he'll do a great job and I don't think he'll stop there in cricket. He will have a great successful career in cricket."

Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes said: "David has been a colleague of mine for a long time now. We played a lot together and in management we've been involved in quite a lot together.

"We've had our ups and downs, we've had our battles, but he is a mate and I do wish him all the best in his new role."