Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Langley Compass Group Transfers Vitality Blast Shirt Sponsorship to Worcester Foodbank

Worcestershire County Cricket Club is thrilled to announce that our Official Vitality Blast Shirt Partner, Langley Compass Group, will be generously handing over its shirt sponsorship to our Official Charity Partner, Worcester Foodbank, for our upcoming Vitality Blast fixture against the Northamptonshire Steelbacks on Sunday, 4 June.

During this highly anticipated match at New Road, the Worcester Foodbank logo will proudly adorn the shirts of our first team players. 

Following the game, these special shirts will be auctioned off in support of Worcester Foodbank’s fundraising efforts.

Worcester Foodbank holds the position of being the official nominated charity of Worcestershire County Cricket Club for 2023. Our Club is deeply committed to collaborating with the Foodbank on various initiatives to raise awareness and vital funds.

Worcester Foodbank plays a crucial role in our community, providing essential food and support to individuals and families facing poverty or crisis. They offer three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced emergency food, as well as toiletries to combat hygiene poverty. 

Additionally, they provide cleaning products and cooking bags to encourage families to cook together, fostering a greater enjoyment of the food they receive.

The demand for Worcester Foodbank’s services has risen significantly, with a staggering 35% increase over the past year. Unfortunately, this trend is expected to continue in the current economic climate. Clients are referred to the Foodbank by a network of over 100 referral agencies, and all food donations received are dedicated solely to supporting those in need through the provision of food parcels.

Operating costs amounting to over £200,000 annually are currently covered by contributions from individuals, churches, other charitable organisations, as well as local companies. This partnership between Langley Compass Group, Worcestershire County Cricket Club, and Worcester Foodbank will undoubtedly make a tremendous difference in their ongoing efforts to assist the community.

Grahame Lucas, representing Worcester Foodbank, expressed heartfelt gratitude to both Langley Compass Group and Worcestershire County Cricket Club, highlighting the immense value of this collaboration in raising awareness and funds for its organisation. 

Grahame eagerly anticipates witnessing the team proudly display Worcester Foodbank’s logo during the Vitality Blast match against the Northants Steelbacks, confident that this exposure will significantly amplify their cause’s visibility.

He commented, “We are extremely grateful to both Langley Compass Group and Worcestershire County Cricket Club for the focus and collaboration this initiative offers in raising awareness of the care we provide for families going through childhood cancer. 

“We’re excited to see the team wearing our logo for the Vitality Blast match against Northants Steelbacks and are sure it will raise the profile of the cause greatly.”

Richard Cox, Managing Director of Langley Compass Group, shared his delight in working alongside Worcestershire County Cricket Club to shine a spotlight on this remarkable local cause. Richard expressed his satisfaction in transferring the shirt sponsorship to Worcester Foodbank for the upcoming Vitality Blast fixture, with hopes that this charitable endeavour will generate widespread awareness.

“We are delighted to be working with Worcestershire County Cricket Club to help raise awareness of a magnificent local cause. 

“We are pleased to be handing over our shirt sponsorship to them for the upcoming Vitality Blast fixture and hope the charity generates a vast amount of awareness from it.”

Fanos Hira, Chair of Worcestershire County Cricket Club, conveyed immense gratitude to Langley Compass Group for providing this unique opportunity to our Official Charity Partner. Fanos emphasised the profound impact of their generosity, which will undoubtedly raise awareness and vital funds, allowing Worcester Foodbank to continue its invaluable support to the local community.

“We are incredibly grateful to Langley Compass Group for this unique opportunity they are providing to our Official Charity Partner.

“Their generosity will help raise awareness and vital funds so they can continue supporting the local community.”

The whole Club eagerly looks forward to the Vitality Blast fixture, where Worcestershire County Cricket Club and Langley Compass Group’s collaborative efforts will help make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

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