Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Kohler-Cadmore Reveals Debt Of Thanks He Owes His Father

Kohler-Cadmore Reveals Debt Of Thanks He Owes His Father

Batsman Tom Kohler-Cadmore has revealed the debt of thanks he owes to his father Mick in his cricket development.

Kohler-Cadmore took another step forward in his progression with Worcestershire by scoring his maiden 50 in the LV = County Championship against Leicestershire at Grace Road.

He followed that up with a century for the Second Eleven against Warwickshire at Barnt Green.

But the former Malvern College product will always remember the help he received from his father particularly in his formative years.

He said: "I'd be travelling two hours a night just to go to training twice a week and any homework wouldn't really be done because I'd be in the car for four hours to do a hour and a half session of cricket.

"That was from Bridlington to Leeds for Yorkshire Under-15s. My dad used to take me, he's done a lot of miles for me.

"He still comes down here to Worcester to watch, a trip of about three hours, and went out to Dubai on the pre-season tour to watch.

"He just loves cricket. He played in the Kent Premier League and York and District Senior League. He loves every sport. I've ruined his shoulder from all the throw-downs he used to give me!

"We used to live in Kent and moved to Yorkshire when I was 10. We lived five minutes from Hornsea Cricket Club. Me and him would go up there and he would give me throw downs.

"He has done a lot for me and I'll never forget that.

"I picked up a cricket bat for the first time when I was around two and from the really early age he taught me the basics of cricket. I've loved it ever since."