Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

Kohler-Cadmore Learning Off “awesome Signing” Alex Gidman

Kohler-Cadmore Learning Off “awesome Signing” Alex Gidman

Tom Kohler-Cadmore says he is reaping the benefits from talking and working with Worcestershire newcomer Alex Gidman.

Kohler-Cadmore has been keen to pick the brains of the 33-year-old batsman who moved from Gloucestershire to New Road on a two year contract.

He has more than a decade of first team cricket behind him – a contrast to Kohler-Cadmore who tasted his first season of senior action in 2014.

Kohler-Cadmore said: "Alex Gidman is an awesome signing for us. He has played at England Lions level as well and is an awesome guy.

"I wanted to work with him this winter as I'm sure Felly (Tom Fell) did and all the other young lads.

"I've been talking to him in training since we reported back in November and he is really good for us as well."

Malvern College product Kohler-Cadmore added: "Also as a bowler, you can use him. He has been around for so long.

"If you are a bowler and you ask him 'where do you not want the ball as a batsman' then that will help.

"If he doesn't want it in a certain area, there aren't going to be too many other batsman who want it there!"