Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Kohler-Cadmore Having Head Shaved In Support Of Tom Fell And Cancer Research

Kohler-Cadmore Having Head Shaved In Support Of Tom Fell And Cancer Research

Tom Kohler-Cadmore is to have his head shaved throughout the 2016 season in support of his great friend and Worcestershire team-mate Tom Fell and to raise money for Cancer Research.

Kohler-Cadmore admits he has been deeply affected by what has occured to house-mate Fell who has been diagnosed with testicular and then lymph node cancer and has just had the first of three bouts of chemotherapy.

He will have his head initially shaved in the Hick Pavilion at the close of play on day one of the County Championship match with Kent on April 10.

Kohler-Cadmore is hoping to raise at least £5,000 for Cancer Research and donations can be made via the link

Kohler-Cadmore said: "Throughout the 2016 cricket season I'm going to have my head shaved in support of Tom and other cancer sufferers. I'm raising money for Cancer Research.

"I lost my grandad to cancer and it is something that is so important to support. I also want to support Felly who is a house mate and a good friend of mine.

"He is probably going to lose his hair and I thought it was nice for me to support him by not having having any hair but also good to raise some money for Cancer Research.

"Obviously the awareness of cancer is out there but hopefully I can raise some money which will help towards hopefully eventually beating the illness.

"I don't have any gauge of how much I can raise but any money would help and £5,000 would be great, as much as possible. Hopefully it will go higher and higher."

Kohler-Cadmore added: "What has happened to Tom, it has affected me and George Rhodes as house mates a hell of a lot and anyway I can try and help is important to me.

"It has hit everyone in the dressing room because we are such a tight knit group. He was at Cheltenham Races last week and we were delighted to see him.

"He was in good spirits after the first bout of chemotherapy and Tom is a fighter and determined to be positive about the challenges ahead."