Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Kohler-Cadmore Has Head Shaved In Support Of Tom Fell And Cancer Research

Kohler-Cadmore Has Head Shaved In Support Of Tom Fell And Cancer Research

Tom Kohler-Cadmore this morning had his head shaved in front of the Hick Pavilion in support of his great friend Tom Fell – currently battling against cancer – and raising money for Cancer Research. 

Malvern barber John Pugh of the Three Of A Kind shop carried out the shaving as his Worcestershire team-mates and support staff looked on.

Kohler-Cadmore, who wants to raise £5,000 for Cancer Research claimed he was not nervous as the shaving got underway.

He said: "It should be good. I'm quite looking forward to it. My hair can't look much worse can it.

"I've never had my hair shaved down to the skin before so it will be a first time.

"I'm sure my mum won't approve but it will be okay. I'll still have more hair than Joe Leach!"

The entire shaving occupied about 15 minutes and then George Rhodes and Ross Whiteley took the the razors and a wet shave to complete the job.

Afterwards Kohler-Cadmore gave the thumbs-up to his new look.

He said: It feels good. I'm a little bit cold around the ears now but it will be okay, just a bobble hat all season. I won't need a smaller cap hopefully!

"It looks strong. I like it. It is going to stay for the summer. We are trying to raise £5,000 and when I last looked donations were up to £1,800.

"It is a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me."

Worcestershire's players then played their part with Joe Leach, Ed Barnard, Brett D'Oliveira and Ben Cox taking buckets into the crowd to raise even more money for Cancer Research.

It was announced that £788.84 had been raised for the charity.