Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Kohler-Cadmore Continues Fine Form In “strongest League Cricket I’ve Played In”

Kohler-Cadmore Continues Fine Form In “strongest League Cricket I’ve Played In”

Tom Kohler-Cadmore has continued his superb end of season form for Worcestershire during the winter for Penrith Panthers in Sydney Grade Cricket.

The former Malvern College pupil ended the domestic campaign with his maiden Championship hundred against Middlesex after scoring 89 versus Durham.

Kohler-Cadmore has scored 356 runs in six innings with two centuries for Penrith at an average of 71.20.

Here he looks back at last season and the winter with the Worcestershire CCC website.

Question: You seem to have carried on this winter in the form you showed at the end of last season. What is the standard like in Sydney Grade Cricket?

Kohler-Cadmore: "The standard over here is the strongest league cricket I've played in."

Question: How different is it getting used to having only one knock maybe every couple of weeks and does that make you value your time at the middle even more?

Kohler-Cadmore: "Yes, it's hard. When going into bat you feel like you haven't batted in ages so it's just about trying to get through the new ball.

"Then once you get back into it, you can really cash in later in the day."

Question: How much confidence did you get from that maiden Championship hundred and did you work in the Seconds with Kevin Sharp help when you went out of the Championship side? 

Kohler-Cadmore: "Yes, that hundred gave me a lot of confidence. When I came back into the side, I batted how I batted all season in the Seconds.

"When I went back to the Seconds, myself and Kevin spoke about playing the way I wanted to play my cricket.

"I had the confidence to go into the game (against Middlesex) and bat how I wanted to and luckily it came off. "

Question: Being a 'Pom' Down Under, do you get much sledging. Joe Clarke said he had quite a bit last winter?

Kohler-Cadmore: "I've had a couple of run-ins on the pitch but nothing to bad!

"I think the Aussies just think they can get under your skin, but if you score runs it quickly shuts them up."

Question: You've got two good hundreds which probably has helped when you are a professional cricketer joining a new club in terms of settling in?

Kohler-Cadmore: "The club has been awesome to me and welcomed me in really well and I'm pleased that I've been able to contribute towards winning games for the club.

"We're in a great place with 30 points (in Sydney Grade Cricket first grade) at Christmas.

"Hopefully before I leave (at the end of February), I'll be able to contribute to some more wins and get them into the finals.

"I've also been bowling some off spin. It's been coming out okay and something I've been working on a fair bit over here."

Question: The lads at home have to go through Ross Dewar's fitness regime in the winter. Do you have a similar programme to keep to when away from the club?

Kohler-Cadmore: "Ross sends us out a programme that I am following throughout the week."

Question: Steve Rhodes has said yourself, Brett D'Oliveira and Tom Fell are three strong candidates to open next summer. What is your favourite position to bat if you had the choice?

Kohler-Cadmore: "I'd say my favourite position to bat is opening. I've opened for all the other teams I've played in."

Question: You took some fine catches in the slips at the end of last season. Do you enjoy that role and how much concentration is involved in such a key role?

Kohler-Cadmore: "That's my favourite place to field. You get to talk all day with the other slips and Coxy (Ben Cox).

"I find it's best if you just relax fielding in there and don't really think too much and just react to the ball coming."