Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Keyscape Extend Worcs Ccc Partnership By Sponsoring Classical Concert

Keyscape Extend Worcs Ccc Partnership By Sponsoring Classical Concert

Garden design and landscape construction specialists Keyscape are to strengthen their already flourishing relationship with Worcestershire CCC by sponsoring the spectacular Classical Concert at New Road on Saturday, August 19.

Pershore based Keyscape Design and Construction is owned and managed by husband and wife team Rupert Keys and Ruth Gwynn.

They have worked with the County for many years in creating amazing floral displays for corporate events at the ground.

Keyscape have dressed the Marquee with beautiful ferns, shrubs and trees in helping to add that extra bit of class to functions at the County's headquarters.

The impressive artificial turf design on the balcony of the Foley's eatery and coffee house has been provided by Keyscape and will be extended to all of the corporate boxes at New Road.

Keyscape have helped Worcestershire to celebrate the 150th Anniversary Gala Dinner, the 2016 Gala Dinner and 2015-2016 Ladies Days.

Now comes the partnership with Worcestershire for the Classical Concert featuring the 47 piece National Symphony Orchestra.

Worcestershire Managing Director Jon Graham said: "Keyscape have been involved with the club for several years and have done some really good work, things like dressing the Marquee with plants and the entrances and the walkways, the artificial turf.

"Rupert and Ruth's business provides the finishing touches that make all the difference, the extra 10%. The standards are just unbelievable.

"At Foley's we've got the artificial turf on the balcony that Keyscape have sponsored and now they will be doing something similar for all the sponsors box balconies to give them that little bit extra.

"We are delighted they will be sponsoring the Classical Concert and the people who will be coming to the Classical Concert will definitely be interested in speaking to Keyscape and seeing what the business can do for them.

"We appreciate everything sponsors like Keyscape do for us. For me they are so valuable. I can't stress that enough.

"I'm just hopeful it is going to a beautiful evening on August 19 and I think it is going to be really memorable with the backdrop of the Cathedral and a magnificent orchestra."

Rupert Keys started as a young lad working for Cheltenham Parks Department as a labouring gardener. Having learnt the basics from the roots, Rupert went on to do a full time course at Pershore College of Horticulture.

Whilst at college Rupert was a major team player in building the award winning show garden ‘The Greening of Industry’ at the 1992 Chelsea Flower Show – the first and only year a group of students have won Best in Show and the Fiskar Sword of Excellence.

Since leaving college Rupert set up Keyscape Design and Construction back in 1993 joined by his wife Ruth Gwynn in 1999.

Bitten by the bug of show gardens, Rupert has gone on to build many award winning show gardens at some of the top gardening shows in the country.

Rupert has also been the landscape expert on many BBC gardening programmes both on camera and behind the scenes. TV appearances include Real Rake-Overs, Flying Gardener, Housecall and Weekend Gardener.

He has also been asked to contribute to articles for the gardening magazine Gardening Which.

Ruth Gwynn pursued her interest in design by attending Hereford Art College, where she trained in general art and design.

After several years working in the fashion and graphic world she went back to her old love, gardening.

Ruth was determined to learn the basics so started as a worker in a house plant nursery. After a year she enrolled on a full-time landscape design course at Pershore College of Horticulture.

After graduating she worked for the leading garden designer Julian Dowle before joining a large multi-national engineering company, Halcrow.

Whilst working for Halcrow she studied to become a landscape architect leaving with a post-graduate diploma in Landscape Architecture (Dip LA ) in 1996.

Now Ruth undertakes much of the design work for Keyscape. She is passionate about plants and good design.