Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Ken Mills Legacy To Be “ploughed Back Into Cricket Club” Pledge

Ken Mills Legacy To Be “ploughed Back Into Cricket Club” Pledge

Worcestershire Supporters Association president, Cynthia Crawford MBE, has pledged that "every penny" of the £50,000 legacy left by their former chairman, Ken Mills MBE, "will be ploughed back into Worcestershire County Cricket Club."

Ken sadly passed away in August after more than 40 years sterling service as chairman and left the handsome donation in his will to the Association plus a significant amount of Worcestershire CCC memorabilia.

Cynthia has written a letter of thanks to Ken's nephew, Dan Mills, outlining that the legacy will be spent wisely and to the benefit of the cricket club which was so close to his heart.

She writes: "On behalf of Worcestershire County Cricket Supporters' Association committee and members, I am writing to acknowledge receipt of Ken's generous legacy of £50,000 to the Association.

"Would you please advise your whole family how overwhelmed we are to have been remembered so warmly in Ken's will.

"You may rest assured that every penny will be ploughed back into WCCC, either for ground improvements, help with players or equipment for the groundsmen.

"Ken's amazing dedication to Worcestershire knew no bounds and 41 years as chairman (of the Association) is an incredible record.

"He set a great example for us all to follow and even when his health was failing, he showed remarkable courage and conviction.

"He was totally selfless and we shall never forget him."