Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Jason Holder Q&A

How much have you enjoyed being here Jason?

It’s been outstanding, I’ve picked up such a great deal from these boys.

They’ve been, very warm and welcoming. The games have gone well so far, despite the loss, the team showed they can compete at this level.

And I think once we grasp the pace of play and understanding of the times to attack and defend then we will be in a pretty good stead in terms of keeping a good standard throughout the season.

The bowling has been shared around, what’s it like being part of that group?

It’s been spot on. I think Dolly has done an outstanding job in terms of rotating the guys, keeping everybody interested. I mean, obviously Nathan Smith has been a find, he’s been outstanding for us so far, but everyone else is supportive, which is pretty good sign for a strong team.

Another game at Kidderminster starting tomorrow. How are you feeling ahead of Somerset?

I’m looking forward to it, my fourth game here. As I said before it’s been pretty good here. And I think after the defeat last game, the guys are keen to turn it around.

I think we’ve done a lot of positive things, but it’s time to be a little bit more ruthless, convert starts into bigger scores with the bat or a bowler getting six wickets rather than four and giving a match winning performance.

How have you found life in England so far, the weather and the food?

It’s never warm enough! We had some pretty wet conditions, but it’s been an experience man. Going on to try to rekindle myself to cricket in England.

It has its challenges in terms of trying to get warm, to get the blood going, but I’ve really enjoyed it. The catering has been spot on. It’s not much different. And now I’m really focussed on trying to give some big performances.