Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Importance Of Cobham Trust To County Cricket Board

the importance of the link up between the worcestershire cricket board limited (wcbl) and its charitable partner, the worcestershire cobham cricket trust (wcct) , has been highlighted this summer.

wcct work in conjunction with the wcbl with the aim of generating resources to plough back into supporting grassroots cricket and furthering opportunities for new and disadvantaged players.

it also strives to deliver street cricket in various cities and towns, and to expand disability cricket programmes.

worcestershire cricket board cricket development director tom hill is grateful for the trust’s support and also the backing of members who make donations to the trust when purchasing worcestershire ccc match tickets.

these donations are then used for specific programmes and initiatives.

hill said: “thanks to the cobham trust, some of the things we’ve done this year include giving out over 100 bags to kids in schools this summer which have contained a bag, a ball and a kit bag bearing the worcestershire rapids logo.

“we give them out at schools across the county – thanks to the donations of members when they’ve purchased tickets – so we can inspire them into starting their cricketing journey.

“it’s been great to see some of these kids with their backpacks watching games at New Road this summer.

“thanks to the support of the trust we’ve staged our special schools days as well which went really well supporting over 60 children.

“they involve children with different disabilities who all were able to enjoy a few days of cricket, skills, drills and games tailored for their needs.

“none of it would have been possible without the generous donations of wccc fans and members and the ongoing support of the trust.”

the cobham trust also hosted a breakfast meeting attended by 40 members in the view highlighting the importance of finance management which was supported by bishop fleming and blackfinch investments.

hill said: “the purpose of that was to illustrate the importance of estate planning, and wealth management.

“we delivered a presentation on the trust and the work we are doing locally and then bishop fleming and blackfinch gave presentations on the more specifics of wealth and inheritance tax, leaving legacy in wills etc.

“the feedback indicated the exercise had been beneficial to members and we hope to deliver similar events again in the near future.”

for more information on where you can make donations to the trust please follow this link: