Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Iconic View Of Cathedral Can Be Enjoyed Again From New Road This Summer

Iconic View Of Cathedral Can Be Enjoyed Again From New Road This Summer

One of cricket's iconic views – of Worcester Cathedral from Worcestershire CCC's New Road ground – can again be enjoyed again by members and supporters from today as LV = County Championship cricket returns for 2015.

In recent years the historic building has been largely obscured from view by trees growing along the banks of the River Severn.

But several of these were recently felled by Worcester City Council and now the splendour of the Cathedral can be seen in all its glory.

And next year will mark the 800th anniversary of the death of King John who is buried in the Cathedral.

Worcestershire chief executive David Leatherdale said: "It is an iconic view. It gets mentioned every single year that the trees have grown.

"Fifty years ago you could see everything and whilst appreciating trees do grow, it is an iconic sporting view that is recognised across the sporting globe.

"Every year we get asked by the members 'the cathedral is being obscured, is there anything we can do about it' and the council decided off their own bat that something needed to be done.

"It is recognised as the iconic view from one side of the cricket ground. With that view now opened up, then hopefully there is coverage for brand Worcester going forward.

"It had got to the point that when the leaves were fully grown that the cathedral had almost disappeared.

"It is a different proposition now."