Monday, June 1st, 2015

Heritage Group Memorabilia Day Is A Success

Heritage Group Memorabilia Day Is A Success

A letter signed by the brother of WG Grace was amongst the items on offer when the Worcestershire Heritage Group held their annual Memorabilia Day in the Marquee at New Road.

An event which started just under a decade ago with a handful of people now attracts some of the best dealers in the country and is firmly established on the calendar.

Heritage Group chairman and Worcestershire Board member Tim Jones said: "It was really successful. It is a good chance on an annual basis to get lots of collectors together to buy, swap, sell different items.

"It's good we get some of the country's really best dealers coming along because they add really good value to what we are doing.

"It is an opportunity to raise funds in a fun way and on an informal basis for the Heritage Group.

"It really helps our coffers so if anything comes along at auction or on offer to buy for our collection, it just swells the funds.

"One of the dealers here had a letter signed by EM Grace, the doctor's brother, priced £500. Grace Memorabilia has currency shall we say.

"We had 18 tables taken, which is pretty much capacity in the Marquee. Mike Niccolls of the Heritage Group organises it on our behalf and does a fantastic job.

"I had some very favourable comments and feedback about the event again this year. That is really encouraging because it just gains momentum year on year in terms of the interest and people who come along.

"It has been going for eight or nine years. It started on a very small basis with just a handful of people in the annexe to the Marquee and the first year there were five or six people in there and it poured with rain and not many people were on the ground.

"But then it has grown and grown from there and is really good fun."

Meanwhile, the book 'New Road, A Special Place' by Richard Bentley continues to be available in the County Club shop in The View and the Supporters' Association shop at the back of the D'Oliveira Stand priced £9.

Jones said: "Richard brought this anthology out last year and has done a fantastic job because it is all about items relating to New Road.

"Proceeds, once costs are covered, are being donated to the Heritage Group and Supporters' Association. It is a fantastic cause and all gets ploughed back into the club in some shape or form.

"It is on sale at the ground in the club shop and Supporters' Association shop. It is a fantastic, nice easy read and contains a lot of memories from players, umpires, spectators."