Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Head Coach: Outlaws V Rapids Reaction

Worcestershire Rapids Head Coach Kevin Sharp gave his reaction to the Royal London One-Day Cup defeat by Notts Outlaws at Trent Bridge to BBC Hereford-Worcester.

Sharp said: “It has been an interesting game. The pitch has been different to what we normally see at Trent Bridge. It has been a lot slower and it spun so there were not the amount of runs you would normally see.

“We are disappointed but the one thing I am really pleased about at the minute is that all the way through the season when we’ve looked like we were down and out in a game, we’ve always got back into a position where we might just and could win it.

“That happened today again. I know we finished 30 odd runs short but I actually thought, and the lads did all the way through, that we could still win.

“I know we haven’t – but that’s a really good sign. There have been times where we’ve really bounced back when it looked like it could go away from us so I’m really happy with that.

“Was it the sort of pitch to play 50 over cricket on? I think there has been weather around everywhere and it may have been undercover for a while and they may not have had the chance to get the roller on it or prepare as much as you would normally like but that’s England.

“To be honest, I’m a bit of a traditionalist in many ways so I don’t mind a scrap now and again. Sixes and fours don’t always do it for me to be honest with you.

“I sometimes like a scrap where your skills and your wits and your way of thinking come into play.

“I think there were two or three shots we didn’t execute as well as we are capable of and perhaps didn’t commit to the shots.

“Sometimes in low-scoring games, where the surface is perhaps more difficult to score on, that can create a bit of doubt in the batsman’s minds and that’s what probably has happened today.

“We’ve had a good chat and there are areas where perhaps we could be more pro-active against guys like Luke Fletcher.”