Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Haynes Underlines Ability As Under-17S Edged Out In Cup Competition

Haynes Underlines Ability As Under-17S Edged Out In Cup Competition

Worcestershire Under-17s were beaten by 118 runs in their Royal London One-Day Cup Group A match with Gloucestershire Under-17s at Bishopston and narrowly missed out on qualification for the semi-finals.

But there were a couple of fine individual performances by spinner Jujhar Johal and opening batsman and captain Jack Haynes for the Under-17s.

Johal finished with 4-33 from nine overs as Gloucestershire Under-17s made 213 all out in 45.2 overs.

Then Haynes sparkled with the bat by hitting 60 out of 95 all out in 35.3 overs before he was ninth out.

It followed on from his century in the win over Somerset.

Haynes was the only player into double figures for Worcestershire who won two and lost two of their four group matches.

They defeated Somerset and Devon and were beaten by Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

Academy coach Elliot Wison said: "We come up a bit short against Gloucestershire. The surface wasn't ideal but it was by no means an impossible surface to play on.

"They had a batter early on who came at us quite hard and we didn't react very well and ultimately they've got 200 plus which was a few more than we were able to chase.

"They've had a young man bowl a good spell of off spin (Drissell) and he bowled it well and we lacked a few options and came up short in the end.

"Within that Jack Haynes played a very good innings, he was the ninth man out, getting 60 and played really well and again underlined just how impressive he is as a young cricketer."

Gloucestershire Under-17s

M Ayres b C Cross 46

E Webb b J Johal 50

B Charlesworth b J Johal 30

T Price* lbw b M Ahmed 11

G Drissell lbw b J Johal 7

H Hankins lbw b C Cross 17

M Brewer+ not out 28

H Senior b C Brandrick 4

O Price c B Fitzmaurice b J Johal 3

G Pritchard run out(C Brandrick) 1

H Jupp lbw b C Brandrick 0

Extras 16

Total (all out) 213 in 45.2 overs

FOW: 33,130, 133, 141, 161, 173, 197, 206, 208, 213


M Davis 4-0-29-0

Z Hassan 4-1-22-0

C Cross 10-2-37-2

G Marshall 2-0-14-0

M Ahmed 9-1-47-1

C Brandrick 7.2-1-28-2

J Johal 9-0-33-4


Worcestershire Under-17s

JHaynes* c H Jupp b O Price 60

J Johal b H Hankins 1

C Brandrick b H Hankins 9

Z Hassan c M Ayres b G Drissell 4

G Hatfield b G Drissell 7

J Hammond c M Ayres b G Drissell 2

M Ahmed c and b G Drissell 0

J Whitehouse c and b G Drissell 0

M Davis b G Drissell 0

B Fitzmaurice+ not out 0

C Cross c M Brewer b O Price 5

Extras 7

Total (all out) 95 in 35.3 overs

FOW: 6, 27, 42, 59, 65,65, 77, 89, 89, 95.


G Pritchard 4-1-15-0

H Hankins 5-0-9-2

B Charlesworth 3-0-6-0

T Price 7-0-18-0

G Drissell 10-2-26-6

O Price 5.3-2-15-2

H Jupp 1-0-1-0

A side of Worcestershire Under-14, Under-15 and Under-16 players will take on South and South West Under-15s at Dumbleton CC tomorrow in a 50 over match

Wilson said: "We've got a group of guys who are potentially going to be involved in regional cricket next year and guys who are currently being considered for regional cricket this year.

"In addition we've got a couple of guys just to give it a little bit of experience on the day to make sure we give the opposition the challenge they need in their preparation for the Bunbury Festival this year in 2017.

Worcestershire Under-14s-Under-16s:

Dan Holland

Dan Meredith

Edd Bragg

Alex Hinkley

Raj Sandhu

Zain Ul Hassan *

Henry Cullen +

Aaron Tomson

Josh Dickenson

Ryan Wheldon

George Marshall

Alex Jordan