Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Graham: Worcs Not Resting On Laurels After Second Boca Triumph

Managing Director Jon Graham says Worcestershire CCC will not be resting on their laurels after wining a second ECB Business Of Cricket Award (BOCA) in three years.

Graham is determined that the Outdoor Cinema in June and August and the Concert in September – which earned Worcestershire the Business Change and Innovation Award – will be even more memorable experiences next summer.

He confirmed the intention to repeat those events in 2017 and revealed several other new projects "that may or may not be feasible" are currently under consideration.

A combined figure of around 4,500 people attended the screenings of 'The Lion King' and 'Finding Nemo' with several thousand more attending the 12 hours Legends concert head-lined by reggae superstars UB40.

Graham said: "That is two BOCAs in three years which, considering the counties and the people we are up against, and the resources they have got, we are really proud of.

"It does really confirm that we are going in the right direction.

"The award we won was for how we changed our business and all the initiatives we put in place, to try and engage with families in the county, rather than just going after the usual cricket supporter.

"Whilst they are incredibly important to us, and we always do try and look after that sort of core following, it is important we get other people to the ground.

"By doing the Outdoor Cinema event, we were the first (county) to do it – and it was incredibly successful.

"The one thing we have got is the most iconic ground in the UK so, if you do an Outdoor Cinema event, you probably need the backdrop to go with it.

"We've got that, we are very lucky and what we will be doing is investing in the production for next year and trying to take it to that next level.

"We are happy with the way it went and we are award-winning for it so we have obviously done something right – but, as with everything we do here, we don't rest on our laurels.

"For me, it needs to be better next year – and it will be. There will be two Outdoor Cinema Events next year, without a shadow of a doubt. They were award winning. That's not us saying that, it's the ECB.

"It is good that the governing body of cricket looked at us and said the target and objective of trying to get a difference audience to the ground was absolutely achieved.

"Our data base has grown significantly with people that probably don't normally come here and probably don't associate WCCCC with anything other than cricket.

"We've got to keep going because hopefully they are the people that will come back for a T20 or 50 over game or, even if they don't, they will come back for another event."

Graham added: "It (the award) is really pleasing because it is tough competition and we aren't blessed with a huge staff but we are blessed with very good staff and we can make every penny go as far as we need it to go.

"We don't necessarily rely on anything other than our own efforts and we will keep trail-blazing. I think that is the key.

"We need to keep doing different things because ultimately the competition will try and look at what we do and rightly so. Why wouldn't you? If it works here then it might work somewhere else.

"But we are blessed with the venue we have got and the attitude that our staff have got and we want to win another award next year."

Another Concert is also on the agenda and work is going ahead on that project now the 2017 fixtures have been finalised.

Graham said: "A concert will be coming next year. We are working hard to do a concert and like everything, it's got to be the right deal.

"It is really difficult to get the ball rolling until you get the fixtures out. You can't just put a concert on in an afternoon. There is a lot of infrastructure, commitment and things.

"We were really happy with the way it went last year and again we will be looking to build on it. When it is in the year, we don't know. Again it is going to be based around the fixtures."