Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Gatsby New Year’s Eve Ball Brings End To 150Th Anniversary Year In Style

Worcestershire CCC will bring down the curtain on their 150th Anniversary Year in style with their Gatsby New Year's Eve Ball in the Graeme Hick Pavilion.

After the memorable Gala Evening-Awards Night in a Grand Marquee which attracted nearly 500 people, it promises to be another occasion to remember and the place to be to herald in the start of 2016.

Numbers are being limited to just 150 so the message is 'book now to avoid disappointment' with cocktails, canapes, a three course dinner, fireworks, The Charleston Dancers and music by The Jazz Spivs all guaranteed for £85.

Why not get into the mood of the Gatsby era and dress up in the style of the 1920s and 1930s.

And if you want to avoid those normal New Year's Eve worries of finding a taxi and getting home afterwards then take advantage of the on-site Premier Inn and stay overnight.

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "It has been a big year for the club and we really want to celebrate the final day of the 150th Anniversary Year with something which again we haven't done for many years.

"As far as being a non cricket as well as a cricket venue, one of the biggest nights of the year is New Year's Eve and we need to put ourselves in the market place and say 'these are the sort of events that we do.'

"We didn't want to do just a normal New Year's Eve party because why would people come. It is trying to do something a little bit different and I'd like to think the reputation we've got from the Gala Dinner and how we go about Christmas parties means it is venue where people will say 'we will give that a go'

"Obviously the challenges with New Year's Eve historically are trying to get cabs, trying to get a drink or getting a hotel.

"We have got parking on site, a hotel on site and we are going to limit the numbers to 150 so you will be able to get a drink and it's not going to be over-crowded and hopefully you can enjoy an evening of live music.

"The Gatsby theme tries to bring a bit of fun to it so people can get dressed up if they want and we are looking forward again to delivering something that will form part of what we do every year."

Graham added: "If we are going to have a themed event, you want people to come in and feel like it is that Gatsby era, walking into the roaring 20s.

"The Graeme Hick Pavilion will be decorated in that style and will have the music to compliment that.

"There will be a three course meal included in the price and champagne cocktails and all sorts of things.

"We just want to offer people something where they can relax, have a good time, not worry about fighting for a drink, not worrying about parking the car somewhere.

"We are charging a price which is good value for money and you are guaranteed a good night because we are not going to open it to 400 people and everyone is fighting for a drink and struggling for space to have a dance and enjoy themselves.

"It is all about being a venue outside of cricket and things like Christmas parties, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, that we are in the marketplace for."