Tuesday, April 6th, 2021


Worcestershire CCC’s Academy players will be back in action in 2021 with a steady stream of red-ball, 50 over and T20 fixtures throughout the summer.

After the postponement of last year’s programme because of COVID-19, The Under-18s are competing in ECB regionalised competitions against Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire in all formats of the game.

They are also participating once again in the Birmingham Premier League Graham Williamson Trophy competition. They have been drawn away to Shrewsbury CC in a fixture rescheduled from April 10 to April 18.

A two-day cricket festival at Shrewsbury School, two fixtures against Scotland Under-19s and Academy (TBC), and a host of one-day and three-day friendly matches complete a varied schedule comprising more than 30 games.

Kidderminster’s Chester Road ground will host several of Worcestershire’s fixtures, although the venues for several games are still to be confirmed-finalised.

Worcestershire Academy Coach, Elliot Wilson, said: “After the trials and tribulations for everyone in 2020, we’ve got a healthy amount of Academy cricket this year which is excellent.

“The idea this year is to try and keep things regionalised as much as possible with lots of cricket against local counties.

“Hence we have the red ball, 50 over and T20 tournaments against Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

“The scheduling means we can travel backwards and forwards to the games on the same day – and the same for our opponents.

“Everyone is just looking forward to playing again, and it’s excellent news for the lads on the Academy who are looking to progress and develop.”


6 – Warwickshire – Kidderminster (50 over friendly)
8 – Warwickshire – Kidderminster (50 over friendly)
13 – Shrewsbury School – Away (50 over friendly)
14 – Shrewsbury School – Away (two T20 matches)
18 – Shrewsbury CC – Away (Graham Williamson Trophy)
25 – Herefordshire First X1 – Old Hill (one-day friendly)

3 – Glamorgan – Abergavenny (one-day friendly)
9 – Derbyshire – Kidderminster (one-day competition)
13 – Derbyshire – Away (one-day competition)
23 – Shropshire – Home Venue TBC (one-day friendly)
30 – Nottinghamshire – Lady Bay Sports Club (one-day friendly)
31 – Staffordshire – Kidderminster (one-day competition)

1 – Cheshire – Kidderminster (one-day friendly)
20 – Nottinghamshire – Old Hill (one-day friendly)
27 – Scotland Under-19s Home, Venue and Fixture TBC

6 – Leicestershire – Away Venue TBC (one-day friendly)
7 – Herefordshire – Home Venue TBC (one-day friendly)
8 – Shropshire – Away Venue TBC (one-day friendly)
11 – Staffordshire – Away Venue TBC (T20 competition, two games)
13 – Warwickshire – Old Hill (T20 competition, two games)
15 – Leicestershire Away Venue TBC (one-day friendly)
19 – Warwickshire – Home Venue TBC (one-day competition)
27 – Staffordshire – Away Venue TBC (three-day competition)

2 – Warwickshire – Portland Road (three-day competition)
9 – Scotland Academy – Old Hill (one-day friendly, fixture TBC)
10 – Leicestershire – Kidderminster (three-day friendly)
24 – Derbyshire – Kidderminster (three-day competition)