Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Experienced Campaigner Gidman Happy To Help Youngsters With Advice

Experienced Campaigner Gidman Happy To Help Youngsters With Advice

Newcomer Alex Gidman says he is "more than happy" to pass on advice to Worcestershire's crop of youngsters.

Gidman is the most senior player age-wise in the county's current squad at 33 following his move from Gloucestershire.

He brings a wealth of experience and has quickly settled into life at his new county and is willing and able to impart that knowledge to the young talent at New Road.

Former Gloucestershire captain Gidman said: "I like watching players and how they go about their business. I'm quite thoughtful in terms of the game.

"I think about the game a lot so, if I pick up on something, and can make some suggestions or can offer some help, then I'll go to them (the players).

"I'll always that whatever I say isn't necessarily right, it's just my view, and if the lads choose to take it on board, then great, if not, then absolutely no problems.

"When I was young, I always enjoyed chatting to older players and learning from them and asking them questions.

"A few of the guys have come up and asked things and I'm more than happy to help out.

"That is one of the pluses from the team point of view as well, it's some new ideas, some different ideas, not necessarily new, both team-wise and skill-wise.

"Anything I can help with or bring to the party, so to speak, I'm happy to do so.

"What I didn't like as captain, and part of management, is when guys didn't offer anything.

"You'd rather it was a stupid suggestion than no suggestion so I like to try and offer some thoughts when I have them."

*We will be featuring Alex on the club website during the next few days as he prepares for his first campaign with Worcestershire.