Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020


we have now launched our new digital subscription package which allows all of our members who decided to switch their membership to the exclusive 2020 option this season access to all of our live cricket. life members have also been automatically enrolled onto the package.

we are here to help

if you were expecting digital subscription login details and haven’t yet received any or are having trouble accessing the digital subscription package, please give one of the team a call on 01905 337921, and they will be able to help you. 

have you requested a membership rollover or refund and changed your mind?

if you decided to rollover or requested a refund of your 2020 membership and have now changed your mind, you can still switch to the exclusive 2020 membership. to do so, please call the membership department 01905 337921, and they can switch your membership and set you up on the digital platform in no time at all.

can i still get access to the digital subscription package if i didn’t take out a 2020 membership?

unfortunately, we’re unable to offer the digital subscription package as a standalone product.

however, you can still choose to support the club this season through the purchase of any adult membership. in that case, it will be automatically switched to the exclusive 2020 membership option, where you will receive all of the following benefits:

1. a free 2020 digital subscription package.
2. 25% discount on your 2021 membership renewal (based on renewing the same membership type).
3. a plaque within New Road recognising your support.
4. an invite to a sporting legends event in 2021 to include a special commemorative gift on the day.
5. name printed on sporting legends event shirts.

adult memberships start from £99 and can be purchased online by clicking here.

the digital subscription package includes:

• exclusive access to the official worcestershire ccc non-televised home fixture live stream, with commentary when available.
• access to the live stream of any warm-up fixtures at New Road.
• access to live match day blog with exclusive content such as behind the scenes photos and from match day.
• a weekly ‘evening with’ live event with past and present players and coaches being interviewed on their career with the chance for subscribers to ask questions from the “floor”.
• post match conference – after every home game, like a press conference but with the subscribers asking the questions.
• vote for man of the match.
• pre-match video interviews with thoughts from one of the coaches.
• receive a matchday scorecard via email to print-at-home.
• live team announcements from selected junior members.