Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

County’s Twitter Following Reaches The 50,000 Mark

it’s official – there are now 50,000 followers of worcestershire ccc via our official twitter account!

we are proud to announce that the half century mark was reached at the end of last week.

the fortunes of the county and all the events at New Road are followed all over the world via social media.

from cricket to concerts, all that you would ever need to know about your favourite club can be obtained via our @worcsccc account.

but also keep in touch with the worcestershire ccc website, facebook, instagram and linkedin for the latest news about skipper joe leach’s side through to the legendary christmas parties.

worcestershire chairman stephen taylor: “we are conscious of the need to ensure our loyal members and supporters are kept abreast of all the latest news at new road.

“whether it is what is going on out in the middle or what is the latest off the field event, we pride ourselves on keeping people informed.

“we feel proud that we now have 50,000 followers on twitter and hopefully even more people will follow the county.”