Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

County’s First Wedding Showcase Of 2016 Is “resounding Success”

County’s First Wedding Showcase Of 2016 Is “resounding Success”

Worcestershire CCC's first Wedding Showcase of 2016 has been hailed as a "resounding success" as the County held its first mock ceremony after acquiring a civil licence.

Would-be couples turned out in force at New Road and can now enjoy every aspect of the special day in their lives at the County's headquarters.

Newcomers would have discovered that all angles – from overnight hotel stay to wedding breakfast to tying the knot through to hosting the after ceremony reception – are available to be staged on site.

The County's host of wedding partners were present to look after all details of the happy occasion at New Road from cup cakes to cars and dresses and much more.

And once again the in-house catering team provided a live cooking demonstrations to highlight the quality of food that will be on offer should you decide to hold your wedding with us.

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "It went very well. It was a resounding success and we definitely had more numbers than we thought we would get.

"February is a popular time of the year for lots of reasons for people to have wedding fayres, showcases.

"Whilst we've really improved what we do with weddings recently, it is a very competitive market so we are chuffed.

"The feedback has been brilliant. We got the right amount of people in that we wanted and we did between 15 and 20 walk arounds with various couples.

"It proves the marketing is working, that we are getting people in, bearing in mind Valentine's Day wasn't too long ago and people will be looking at lots of venues. The fact we are people's shopping lists now is what the objective was when this building (The View) was built at the back end of 2013.

"Weddings are a key part of what we want to do going forward.

"We had a lot of the couples that came who hadn't already booked a venue so they had only just got engaged and that is what we are looking for.

"When people come and see the venues, it is as they would look like on the big day. On the back of the showcase, we will probably get half a dozen weddings which is what it is all about.

"It is not something where you can flick a switch and all of a sudden everyone is going to be coming down to New Road to get married.

"But the more that we do, and the more high profile we get the better, and the showcases are now becoming a well oiled machine, and Steve Gibbs (Director Of Catering) and Fiona Watson (Wedding Co-Ordinator) have just taken it to the next level."

Graham added: "We also held our first mock ceremony which adds another string to our bow.

"Whereas before, people would go elsewhere to get married and then come here, we've now got everything you want in the day – whether it be staying in the Premier Inn next door and then coming here to get actually married and having the wedding breakfast and reception in whichever venue you want, Chestnut Marquee, The View or Hick Pavilion.

"We'd like to think we've got every base covered."

Worcestershire are able to host weddings this summer for newly engaged couples although Graham admits weekends are fast becoming fully booked up at New Road grows as a flourishing business.

He said: "We can accommodate people this summer. People have the assumption if they get engaged in February you will have to wait until the following year to get married.

"Having said that, with the weekends at New Road, whether it be weddings, private parties, cricket, outdoor cinema events, there are not many Fridays and Saturdays left which is great because it shows we've got a vibrant business."

Worcestershire will look to stage another Wedding Showcase at the height of summer.

Graham said: "That is probably going to be the format as we go forward – one in the early Spring and one in the summer.

"The benefit of doing one in the summer is that we can really show off what we've got when hopefully the sun is shining and the Marquee is open.

"Let's not forget, I think a lot of other venues would die for the setting we've got and it is just about getting people here.

"Once they are here it is the easiest task in the world to make sure they see what we can offer and why we are different – plus the customer service we give in unrivalled."