Friday, August 26th, 2016

County Trialling New Security Measures At New Road

County Trialling New Security Measures At New Road

Worcestershire CCC are to trial new measures at New Road aimed at increasing security during the winter months.

The County are to lockdown the main New Road entrance and Premier Inn access to the ground near to the net area overnight and introduce regular security patrols throughout the night.

Anyone wanting to leave their car at New Road overnight should park in the main Premier Inn car park as the gates will not re-open until the following morning.

Worcestershire are mindful of previous close season issues which have cost them thousands of pounds in stolen goods and damaged property.

Worcestershire General Manager Jon Graham said: "We are gearing up for the close season. We have got some big events coming up and are putting a few security procedures in place.

"We have invested in the 150th Anniversary Gates and will be using them to full effect for the first time, as we get out of season.

"What we will be trialling with immediate effect is that the gates will be locked overnight, every night on the main entrance and the Premier Inn car park leading to the nets.

"We want to get into the mind set and methodology of making sure the ground is secure all the way throughout the winter and with a visible deterrent.

"We have found in recent years, if there has been a problem with damaged property or stolen goods, which can cost thousands of pounds, it has tended to be in the autumn and we want to try and mitigate against that.

"It is about focusing on security but also a message to anyone using the car parks, if you are leaving your car overnight, it is at your risk that the ground will be locked down, so if you are going to leave it, you need to put it on the Premier Inn car park and pay the overnight fee.

"It is that period between midnight and 6am that if anyone is going to come and enter the premises illegally, we need to make sure there is a deterrent."

Graham added: "To compliment the lockdown we are going to introduce night patrols on a regular basis.

"This is all part and parcel of us becoming a 365 days a year venue and the place has to be secure.

"People have got to be able to come to the ground and feel secure and we are investing money to make sure that is the case.

"What we are trying to do is be pro-active in investing in security rather than waiting for something big to happen and then reacting to it."