Friday, April 8th, 2016

County Skipper Launches Worcs 150Th Anniversary Gates

County Skipper Launches Worcs 150Th Anniversary Gates

Worcestershire CCC today unveiled new 150th Anniversary Gates at the main entrance to New Road as a lasting memory to that landmark year in the club's history.

County skipper and 2016 beneficiary Daryl Mitchell officially marked the opening of the new gates at 9.30 this morning.

The double set have been being sponsored by Crown Domestic Appliances who last year splashed out a five figure sum in purchasing a three ton power roller for the Club.

The eye-catching gates have been designed by Dudley-based firm D J H Ironcraft – skilled craftsmen in the West Midlands with over 17 years' experience in the iron fabrication industry, who have established a quality, reputable service and produce gates, railings and balustrades for domestic and commercial customers.

DJH Ironcraft owner Dave Halford said: "It is quite a proud thing to make the gates for such a prestigious county and in recognition of a landmark time in their history.

"There is a lot of kudos in doing the job. I've never been to a cricket match in my life but everyone has heard of Worcestershire County Cricket Club and it was an honour to make the gates for them.

"We have incorporated the Three Pears Shield into the gates along with the dates marking the years in the club's history and have been proud to link up with the club."

The gates are approximately six metres and three metres in width respectively across the two entrance points adjacent to the Graeme Hick Pavilion and nearly two metres high.

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "Historically we've had gates on the main entrance and they got damaged in floods, knocked about by vehicles and, when they came off after a flood a number of years ago, they weren't put back on.

"The 150th Anniversary was a fantastic success with lots of really good events, a memorable year topped off by the financial performance published recently, and I felt it was appropriate we needed some lasting memory of the year.

"Certainly members are keen to see things we are investing in the ground and improving and the gates are a really good opportunity to do that.

"Not only is it a fitting tribute to the 150th Year and have a lasting memory to it, it will also mean the security of the ground will be improved.

"The gates are beautifully made by a company called DJH Ironcraft and they have done a fantastic job for us. When the gates are unveiled, hopefully people will agree it is a fitting tribute.

"There are three crests on there and within the main set of gates is written 'Worcestershire Cricket Club 1865' and on the smaller set the words 'New Road.'"

Graham is delighted to extend the relationship with Crown Domestic Appliances who are experts in the sourcing of Domestic Appliances from all over the world, but majoring their activities on China and Turkey. Their objective is to use their experience to provide all of the clients with a “ painless trading experience ”

The Crown team is made up of professionals in Procurement, Shipping, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Transport, Legislation and Technical matters, and that means that Crown is a ' One Stop Shop.'

When placing orders with Crown there is nothing more to do until making arrangements for delivery into the warehouse.

All of the Financing, Shipping, Factory and Product inspections are paid for by Crown who were recently included in the London Stock Exchange listing of “ 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain."

Graham said: "We've been fortunate to get the gates sponsored by Crown Domestic Appliances who see the benefit and significance of the gates.

"They sponsored a new heavy roller last year which helped produce, I'm sure everyone would agree, a lot of consistent wickets last year.

"I don't think it is any coincidence that we invested in a new roller, for a significant amount of money, in that it helped Tim Packwood (head groundsman) to prepare some consistent wickets for us."

Crown Domestic Appliances managing director John Graham, a life member of the club for more than 25 years, said: "This club is special to me and I'll help anytime I'm in a position to do so.

"We were delighted to be able to afford to contribute and sponsor the heavy roller last year and it is a similar scenario with the new gates.

"The 150th Anniversary Year was a special 12 months in Worcestershire's history and the gates will be a constant reminder of that magnificent year and a splendid tribute every time people drive into the ground."