Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

County Renew Sponsorship With Bishop Fleming As Audit And Tax Partners

County Renew Sponsorship With Bishop Fleming As Audit And Tax Partners

Worcestershire CCC's partnership with Bishop Fleming is now entering it's ninth decade after the renewing of their partnership as the County's official audit and tax partners for 2016.

But Ian Smith, Bishop Fleming's senior partner at their Worcester office, has revealed a link with Worcestershire CCC stretching back almost 100 years!

Bishop Fleming, one of the most vibrant Top 40 accountants and business advisers in the UK, have been working in tandem with Worcestershire CCC since the mid 1930s.
They have seven offices stretching across the UK based at Bristol, Worcester, Bath, Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay and Truro.
With over 250 staff, including award winning accountants and tax advisers experienced in a wide range of specialisms, Bishop Fleming are passionate about helping you make your business a success.
Ian Smith, a  staunch Worcestershire fan who has been having business dealings with the County for the past 29 years, said: "We have been proud to be officially associated with Worcestershire for 80 odd years – but there is a link that goes back further.

"I was reading in the  'Pears 150' book that in 1919 Philip Rabjohns, who was my predecessor a very long time ago and formed Rabjohns which eventually became Bishop Fleming, captained a Rabjohns X1 against another eleven to see who was fit after the Great War to be able to play in the County side.
"Phillip Rabjohns went onto be Worcestershire CCC scorer, treasurer, secretary for a while and ultimately auditor so you can say we've actually been involved with the County since 1919.
"We are delighted to renew the partnership for another year. These are very exciting times for the County on and off the pitch.
"On the pitch is really exciting with all the talented young players and the guys who are involved with England squads.
"And off the pitch is very exciting with the potential for the indoor school, which would be fantastic, and we will have a role to play in helping that, and also with the charitable arm via the Lord Cobham Trust and we have been helping with the set-up of that.
"One of my collegues Jon Sparkes is an expert in charity tax but also the treasurer of Devon Cricket Club. He has got a passion for cricket and helps me in our advice to Worcs CCC anyway but he has been giving a lot of help to Tom Hill (Worcestershire Cricket Board) on the creating of the Charitable Foundation. That is an exciting development as well.

"Then we've got the Phase Three Development of the ground going forward as well so it is all good stuff really. We are delighted to still be there as the official audit and tax partners of the club.
"They treat us really well, they are great people to work with but it is a lovely facility for us to use as well. The View as a place to go and watch cricket but also as a business networking venue is fantastic as well.
"We hold events there as well for which it is great. We had some Italian visitors a few months ago and did a breakfast seminar there and it was terrific."

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "The relationship with Bishop Fleming has been established for many years, and we work incredibly well together
"Not only are they our auditors and tax partners, they also give something back to the club, and they have done for many years, as elite members in The View.
"We are really chuffed that they have decided to renew again. The club is evolving and it has been for the last few years with the buildings that have ben built.
"It is really important that we maintain the DNA of the club and it's not just about going out and getting new partners because there are long standing relationships that are incredibly valuable to the club – including Bishop Fleming.
"We don't change for changes sake. If partnerships aren't working then, of course, we move on and find a business that is a better fit. But primarily what we want to do is look after the businesses that have supported us over many years and this is another one of those.
"Hopefully the relationship will continue for many, many more years. It is about nurturing and maintaining existing partnerships."

New Worcestershire Interim CEO Tom Scott said: "I am delighted to be able to call on the expert knowledge and assistance of partners who have been around a long time, who know the history of the club, who can assist me in my new role, and one of those is Bishop Fleming. Long may the partnership continue."