Sunday, May 21st, 2017

County Quartet Benefit From Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Support

County Quartet Benefit From Brian Johnston Memorial Trust Support

A further four Worcestershire youngsters are to reap the benefits of financial support from the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust (BJMT).

Academy trio Josh Dell, Zen Malik and Dillon Pennington plus Second Eleven wicket-keeper batsman Alex Milton – who is studying at Cardiff MCCU – will each receive £500 scholarships from the BJMT.

It follows on from Ollie Westbury, Ryan Wheldon and Emily Arlott receiving the same backing from the Trust 12 month ago.

The scholarship will aid the current quartet in terms of funding travelling costs to attend coaching sessions and matches at New Road and Malvern College respectively during the winter and summer months.

Brian Johnston's 47 years of broadcasting, his passion for England and its great national sport of cricket, along with his irrepressible sense of fun, brought him into the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide.

As a memorial his family, together with many eminent members of the cricketing and broadcasting world, set up a trust fund to further the causes that were close to Brian's heart.

The BJMT provides scholarships to young male and female cricketers at county academy and university level who are in genuine financial need.

Worcestershire CCC Academy Coach Elliot Wilson said: "The applications we put in for some financial support for four of our players have been accepted by the Brian Johnston Memorial Trust and again the support is much appreciated and invaluable.

"The BJMT has been set up with two real aims – 1) the development of young spinners and 2) a scholarship scheme to aid players who are in situations where just a little bit extra support financially would make a huge difference to their development.

"They especially try and target guys from underprivileged backgrounds, women's and girls programmes, ethnic minorities, those sort of areas.

"But also they are happy to support players like some of ours who are in a little bit of transition from the academy onto the professional programme who are in a bit of a difficult spot financially for 12 months and everything helps.

"The four we've got some support for are Josh Dell, Zen Malik, Alex Milton and Dillon Pennington.

"We know a fair bit about Josh and Zen via their involvement with the England Under-19s.

"Alex Milton left the Academy two or three years ago and went to Cardiff University but is one of our registered players here and the scholarship helps him to do a bit more travelling to keep connected with the programme here backwards and forwards from Cardiff.

"Dillon is based in Telford and goes to Wrekin College and again the scholarship helps him to get up and down the motorway a few more times and be with us as much as possible."