Friday, May 1st, 2015

County Physio’s Debt Of Gratitude And Thanks To Ben Langley

County Physio’s Debt Of Gratitude And Thanks To Ben Langley

Worcestershire physiotherapist Ben Davies will forever be indebted to his predecessor at New Road, Ben Langley – now the England physio – and said: "He taught me everything."

Langley gave Davies a chance at second team level after he had finished his Bachelor of Science degree in physiotherapy at Keele University.

Then, when Langley replaced Kirk Russell at international level in 2010-2011, Davies stepped into his shoes.

But he keeps in touch with Langley who still lives in the Worcestershire area, is based at Loughborough and pops into New Road on a regular basis.

Davies said: "Ben is someone who really helped me out when I started as a physio here.

"He taught me everything. Anytime I didn't have something on, he'd let me come in and just shadow him with the first team, watch him treat people, teach me and train me in his own spare time.

"We used to go around to his house and he'd teach me and train me so I owe Ben a lot.

"He is still always at the end of the phone if I ever need anything. He's been a real positive influence on my physio career and a close friend as well."

Davies added: "I was ecstatic for Ben when he got the England job. I had to cover a game for him when he had to go for the interview.

"I managed to get Lord's away as the initial first team game I covered. That was a good experience. I got a bit spoilt. I put on about a stone that week with the three course meals at Lord's!

"We were ecstatic for Ben to get that job because we saw how good a physio he was and how hard he worked here.

"He set the standard for me and I just try and emulate him which is difficult because he is such a good physio."

*We will be featuring more from Ben Davies on the Worcestershire website and in the County 365 Magazine.