Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

County Open Up 1865 Lounge To Cope With Demand For Christmas Party Nights

Worcestershire CCC are opening up a third venue at New Road to cope with the ever increasing demand for their popular Christmas Party Nights.

It is close to the 'sold out' signs being posted for Friday and Saturday evenings in The View and Graeme Hick Pavilion.

There is very limited availability left in those two venues even though Christmas is still 10 weeks away.

But put away your disappointment as the County are opening up the 1865 Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights to ensure no-one has to be turned away.

And, for £35 a head, party-goers will receive the same first class service as in The View and Hick Pavilion.

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "We are going to extend the venue and look to open the 1865 Lounge on Friday and Saturday nights because we don't want to turn people away.

"What we've traditionally done is focus on the View and the Hick Pavilion but there is only limited availability remaining on Friday and Saturday evenings.

"We feel by drafting in additional staff we can open up the 1865 Lounge on Friday and Saturday as an additional venue.

"It will be exactly the same deal as the other two venues, same level of service, same food, same disco and the 1865 has probably got the most iconic view as well.

"If you look at all the pictures that have been taken of this ground with the Cathedral in the background, it is probably from the 1865 Balcony.

"We normally do Christmas lunches there and we've had such good feedback that we are going to add it as a Party venue."

The opening up of the 1865 Lounge to cope with the demand is another indication of how business is growing at New Road.

Graham said: "Three or four years ago, we'd have the odd Christmas party here and there and now on the busiest nights there will be 400-500 people on site enjoying themselves in the three venues."

Worcestershire are also willing to cater for anyone who wants to hold a mid-week Christmas Party.

Graham said: "In mid-weeks, if a business wants to do a Christmas party at any point for between 60-70-80 people, we are happy to do exclusive deals.

"The popular nights tend to be Fridays and Saturdays for obvious reasons but Thursdays as well are quite popular and again we will look to extend that."