Thursday, December 8th, 2016

County Looking At Possible Additions To List Of 2017 Outdoor Events

County Looking At Possible Additions To List Of 2017 Outdoor Events

Managing Director Jon Graham said a "raft of things" are being considered as potential additions to Worcestershire CCC's growing and impressive list of outdoor events for 2017.

The County have already announced this week that superstar Olly Murs will be playing a mega concert at New Road on June 25 – and sparked off great excitement in the city and beyond.

Graham had also previously confirmed that two more Outdoor Cinema events will again be staged after the 2016 success of 'The Lion King' and 'Finding Nemo' attracted 4,500 customers to the County Ground – the equivalent of a NatWest T20 Blast full house.

Those successes – coupled with that of the 12 hour 'Legends' concert in September – led to Worcestershire receiving a second award in three years at the ECB BOCA awards at Lord's.

But there are other ideas being considered with Graham insisting that any project will be run 100% along the right lines to make it as enjoyable and memorable an experience as possible for those attending.

Graham said: "Will there be other outdoor events next year? Yes. We've got a raft of things that may or may not be feasible, some that are real blue sky thinking, others are things where you would say 'why wouldn't we do that?'

"The one thing we will do, and the one thing I've been keen to drive home internally, is whatever we do, we will do it properly.

"I'd rather do four or five things next year and do them well rather than just play at it because that does your reputation no good whatsoever.

"We've got about 10 different ideas. We won't do all of them but we will certainly do some different things.

"It is quite exciting to know the ideas we have, if they are done in the right way, that there are people out there who actually like what we are doing and come on board."