Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

County Looking At Option Of Selling Ground Naming Rights

Worcestershire CCC are looking at the option of selling the ground naming rights to their New Road headquarters.

With its iconic setting, Worcestershire CCC would be an ideal location for a company seeking worldwide exposure.

But Worcestershire CEO Tom Scott said 'New Road' would remain part of any new name should a deal be struck with a potential sponsor.

Scott said: "We are looking into the possibility of selling ground naming rights for New Road.

"We have spoken to a couple of people and I see it as a commercially excellent opportunity for big businesses of Worcester and farther afield.

"It is an iconic venue and, with our plans for the future, that association with the club could be highly beneficial.

"Other counties have done it and with no or little impact on the name of the ground – and the name 'New Road' will always remain in the name."