Sunday, December 28th, 2014

County Hoping To Attract “mega Star” For New Road 150Th Anniversary Concert

County Hoping To Attract “mega Star” For  New Road 150Th Anniversary Concert

Worcestershire CCC are hoping to stage a concert featuring a "mega star" at New Road in mid July as part of their 150th Anniversary Year celebrations.

Commercial Director Jon Graham said the performer would have to be "someone of the gravitas of Elton John" who sold out out the ground with his memorable show in 2006.

If it goes ahead, it would be one of the highlights of events Worcestershire are planning to signify a landmark 12 months in their history.

Graham said: "We've got a gap in the middle of the season from any cricket at New Road which would lend itself very nicely to some sort of concert.

"These things take a hell of a lot of organising. We've got to make sure we would get the right artist.

"But we are working hard to get something done for that middle weekend in July before the kids go on holiday.

"We need to sell 16,000 tickets so it needs to be mega star. That is the road we are looking at.

"It will be someone with the 'wow factor.' With the amount of time, money, energy that would go into putting a concert on, we would have to go with someone we feel would confident would sell the venue out.

"We did it before with Elton John so it would have to be someone of that gravitas that would really capture the imagination. We'd be keen to do that."

There will be plenty of other events to mark the 150th anniversary.

Graham said: "We will be doing something to recognise the date the club was founded in March, something that will certainly signify that date as the real start to it all.

"We are probably going to look to do something different with the chairman's lunch (on April 10) this year and get a few more people involved.

"There will be a golf day towards the end of April all being well.

"At the end of the season we are going to have a big function, something like we did for the centenary, with a big marquee out on the outfield, which would involve a five course dinner with various dignitaries.

"We would wrap up 2015 with a huge New Year's Eve party which would be something not to be missed. We haven't done one for a long, long time.

"But there will be lots of other things in between."

*Tune into the Worcestershire CCC website and club twitter feed for first news of when events are finalised in what promises to be a memorable 12 months.