Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

County Draw Up Academy Short-List For 2015-2016 Programme

County Draw Up Academy Short-List For 2015-2016 Programme

Worcestershire CCC have drawn up a short list of players under consideration to be part of the club's 2015-2016 Academy programme.

Eight players are being considered for possible inclusion after coming under the radar of Academy coach Elliot Wilson and county coaches during the past 12 months.

A decision on the short-listed players – and the retention of existing Academy players – will be made during September ahead of an October 1 start to their 2015-2016 programme.

Wilson said: "We've got a number of players who are short-listed who will know, whether they get selected or don't get selected, that they are on our radar and in our thinking.

"We will sit around the table in September, on the back of 12 months of coaching, 12 months of coach statements, observations, performances in match-play, and decide which way we want to go with our short-list.

"We will see which of the players at the present are in the required place both physically and mentally to cope with a full Academy programme."

As regards the retention of the current Academy intake, Wilson said: "We look to try and keep guys on for a minimum of two years, especially if they are from one of the satellite Academys, whether it is Shropshire or Staffordshire or Herefordshire.

"But there is no guarantees on that to anybody. They know that is a rolling thing year on year and they have to justify remaining involved.

"The majority of the adjudications will take place at the back end of September."

The eight players who have been shortlisted for consideration for the WCCC 205-2016 Academy programme are:

Jack Haynes

Musharraf Shazad

Ryan Wheldon (Shropshire)

Ewan Wilcox (Staffordshire)

Xavier Clarke (Shropshire)

George Newton (Cheshire & Shrewsbury School)

Callum Lea

Zain Hassan