Sunday, October 28th, 2018

County Chairman Praises “Key Role” Of Supporters’ Association

worcestershire ccc chairman fanos hira has praised the “key role” played at New Road by the worcestershire supporters’ association in funding many key projects over many decades.

the supporters’ association was formed in 1951 to boost the club’s finances and provide better amenities for players and spectators and in 1976 purchased new road for the county cricket club.

this year alone they have spent £92,400 on funding the new and upgraded chestnut marquee, a new association club shop situated next to the graeme hick pavilion and a tractor-roller for head groundsman tim packwood and his team.

fanos hira said: “the supporters’ association have a key role to play in this club going forward. we as a club are very grateful for the tireless voluntary work.

“i was fortunate enough to be able to attend their last committee meeting and we went through in a lot of detail the projects they have been working on during the last year.

“it is really remarkable how much they contribute through their efforts and we as a club are hugely grateful to them for that.

“their assistance really adds up. it is staggering. for 2018 alone, they have contributed £92,400. that’s £92,400 that either had to be spent or found by the club – or perhaps not because it wasn’t able to do so at the time.

“it is an enormous contribution to the club and it’s great and they’ve been doing the same sort of thing for many, many years.

“it is not just the financial contribution. it is the tireless efforts of andrew jenkins (chairman) and his team and we fully recognise that.

“clearly they have made an enormous contribution and the board, the executive look forward to working really closely with the supporters’ association.

“if we work closer, then everyone benefits because one of the things i mentioned when i spoke about finances at the last agm is that this club isn’t one that wants to puff its chest up and boast about making huge profits.

“on the contrary, all we want to do is be better at everything so we can invest more in cricket and make sure the facilities are better for members so they come back and spread the word about how great it is to be here.”

fanos added: “the club is also really grateful for the contribution the association is going to make over the winter period.

“that involves concreting on the site of where the club shop is, and at the back of the d’oliveira stand with widening the road, plus assisting with finance for new netting systems for the players that the club is looking at and also a new hut for our stewards at the entrance to new road.

“it is clearly improving the facilities and that’s what we are all going to do. we are all going to work together to invest more in cricket and make the experience nicer and the supporters’ association contribute hugely to that.”