Thursday, November 16th, 2017

County Chairman Delighted With Standard Of Applicants For Ceo Role

worcestershire ccc chairman stephen taylor is delighted with the “high standard and quality” of applicants for the post of ceo at New Road.

he revealed that more than 100 people have applied for the post which will become vacant after current ceo tom scott announced in september that he is to stand down.

the first round of interviews is currently underway after a recruitment agency recommended suitable candidates from the applicants for this key post.

stephen taylor, county vice-chairman tim curtis, lawyer andrew manning-cox and worcestershire audit chairman fanos hira form the interview panel.

once the first round of interviews have been conducted, a short list will be drawn up and a second set of interviews will be staged next month.

it is hoped to announce the name of the new ceo by the end of the year.

stephen taylor said: “i have been really pleased with the high standard and quality of the applicants.

“we received over 100 applicants. there are a few more candidates to see before we complete the first round of interviews.

“there will be a short list drawn up and then a further round of interviews will take place next month and we are aiming to announce the new ceo by the end of the year.”

tom scott is remaining in the ceo role, in which he replaced david leatherdale early last year, until the end of next month.