Health screening

An online COVID/health screening form will be sent out to spectators in advance of the fixture commencement. 

The online screening form is mandatory for all members and spectators. Each person in attendance will be required to complete this form. Under no circumstances will individuals gain entry into the ground if they have not completed their health screening form. 

It is important to remember that for any spectator booking tickets on behalf of other people, each ticket holder must complete an online screening form. 

Site arrival and exit

Car parking: Due to limited car parking spaces available on-site as well as the additional requirements for infrastructure, car parking spaces are highly restricted and will be used for players, coaches, match officials, staff and press/media guests – all spectators seated inside the bowl of the ground are advised to find external parking away from New Road.

Entry and Locations: New Road turnstile locations will change for the duration of socially distanced crowds being admitted into the Stadium.

This will allow for greater social distancing within all stadium zones and creating a Players and Match Officials Area to keep all players, coaches, and match officials in one location, separate from ticket holders.

It is essential to read your ticket information before entering the Stadium to know where your entrance is located.

Temperature: All individuals entering the Stadium will be required to have their temperatures taken and recorded. Under no circumstances will individuals gain entry into the Stadium if they have not had their temperature recorded. If there is an abnormality with any temperatures, this will prevent admission to the Stadium.

Bag checks: Please allow time upon arrival at New Road to conduct bag searches. Try to bring a clear bag with you to assist with these searches.

Exiting and Locations: When leaving New Road, it is essential to remember that all spectators will have their exits staggered in an organised manner to ensure that all social distancing measures can be upheld.

Where possible, additional exit locations will be opened to assist with speeding this process up, and Worcestershire CCC stewards will assist.

Emergency procedures: If, in the event of an emergency evacuation, all turnstile locations and gates will be opened to allow all individuals to exit New Road immediately, assistance will be provided by Worcestershire CCC stewarding and security staff.

Inside the bowl of the ground

Face-coverings: Face coverings are mandatory and must be worn at all times when moving around New Road. 

The only time that face coverings can be removed is when ticket holders are seated in their designated seat. 

Please also remember that some individuals will not be asked to wear a face covering if they have a disability or condition which exempts them from wearing a face covering.

Social distancing: Worcestershire CCC has adopted a social distancing policy for all spectators inside New Road. 

Mitigating factors have been put into place to ensure your safety where two metres of social distancing cannot be achieved. Please help us to keep everyone safe.

Hand hygiene: Worcestershire CCC is committed to providing readily available hand washing and sanitiser points around the Stadium. Ticket holders should also bring their own hand sanitiser to help maintain the highest of hand hygiene standards.

Circulation: When leaving your seat and walking past another spectator, please turn your back on them and walk to your destination facing the field of play to avoid face to face interaction. 

Please also remember not to act in a way that compromises the health and safety of other spectators or members of staff whilst on site.

Wet weather: Due to social distancing measures at New Road, spectators must remain in their designated seat. It is suggested that spectators bring an umbrella with them to provide shelter from any inclement weather

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